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The Queue: I understand my own sleep schedule {WoW}

Jan 21st 2012 12:35PM My Blizzard "no-prize" answer for Illidan's mistake. In the Warcraft universe, brimstone is actually fel-infused sulfur, so it's the same, but different. Kinda like how there's iron and fel iron.

The Queue: Dwarves, the answer to everything {WoW}

Jan 17th 2012 12:15PM Q for the Queue - Do you think Blizzard will put in a Nefarian class call for monks like they did for Death Knights? If so, I think we're all in agreement that it should give all raid members the drunk effect and reduce chance to hit.

Big stakes and the end of an expansion {WoW}

Dec 28th 2011 5:12PM Oh, and in response to Kolyarut, I don't see how you can review the encounters in ICC that were "thematically emblematic" of the entire expansion and then dismiss all of Dragon Soul as "fighting tentacles."

Morchuk is an enraged elemental - one of the major themes of the expansion.
The faceless generals are direct calls to the Old Gods, the driving force behind the Twilight's Hammer and Deathwing's forces.
Hagara and friends are the twisted shaman and mages of the Hammer, just like Blackhorn and his buds are the militant arm.
Ultraxion is the ultimate Twilight Dragon - He IS the Hour of Twilight.
Finally you get 2 fights against Deathwing, one where you bring down the massive dragon that's been scorching Azeroth for over a year, and the final where you prevent a second Cataclysm right where this whole mess started - at the heart of the Maelstrom.

It's a very good call-back to all of the antagonistic forces of Cataclysm, especially when you look at it as part of the progression from Black Wing Descent -> Throne of the Four Winds -> Bastion of Twilight -> Firelands -> Dragon Soul. That's much better than WotLK where you had Eye of Eternity, Obsidium Sanctum, and Ulduar as "side" raids from the main storyline. Hell, a lot of players thought Crusader's Colosseum was a waste even though that's explicitly set-up as a prelude to the assault on ICC.

Big stakes and the end of an expansion {WoW}

Dec 28th 2011 4:59PM Hear Hear indeed Jaq! I have to shake my head at some of the people with rose-colored glasses of nostalgia who say how personal the fight to take down Illidan was. ILLIDAN! The guy that showed up all of 2 times during the entire BC expansion before you finally fought him. As mentioned earlier, it wasn't WoW that hyped up Illidan or Arthas, it was Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne. We took those single player stories with us into WoW's raids, which makes us care about the heroes and villains all the more.

So what's the breakdown of the player base reaction to WoW endbosses?
BC - Illidan was hardly seen or heard and wasn't even the end boss, we need more face time with the villain!
WotLK - Arthas is all over the place and yells empty threats at you, he's a joke of a saturday morning cartoon villain! We need to use the villain more sparingly!
Cata - Deathwing wasn't a personal villain, just a giant engine of destruction, we need to be more involved with the villain!
Pre MoP - No announced big bad, instead we're dealing with the very personal values of Horde vs. Alliance? Worst end game ever!

It's completely impossible to satisfy what the players want because they all want different things. Or they think they know what they want and end up unsatisfied when they get it. Sure, Blizzard's execution of these end bosses and their stories could be better, but that's asking for near perfection, which seems unreasonable when the developers are trying something new with every expansion.

Illidan was a recluse because he was a paranoid maniac who was seeking to shore up defenses against Kil'Jaeden's retribution.
Arthas was all over the place because he was goading you to walk the same path he did, to prove that his own downfall was inevitable and to then raise you as his ultimate champion.
Deathwing was destruction incarnate because all of his previous schemes of dominance had failed, all the pain and rage he was left with meant that only the destruction of the planet itself would satisfy him.
The mystery final boss of MoP is supposed to come out of an expansion long reflection on the dynamics of the Horde and Alliance, the very backbone of WoW itself.

I can understand what Blizzard is trying to do with each storyline, and while I may wish things were done in different ways, I do appreciate all of the final results - mainly because each successive endgame builds on the previous one.

The Queue: An epic battle, how exciting! {WoW}

Dec 21st 2011 12:38PM If the Horde ever eventually gets Ogres as playable, Vrykul would be a good counter-pick for the Alliance.

BlizzCon 2011: Heroic Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery redesign {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 6:34PM It's essentially a "can't make everyone happy" situation. For every player who loved the size and character of Scholomance or BRD, there were 3 other players who detested those dungeons because they were incredible time sinks that were horrible to run in PUGs. No one wants to sink 1 to 2 hours in a dungeon run that collapses before you get to the last boss, which was a fairly frequent occurrence. Maybe the ability to fail a dungeon makes it more exciting, but more often it just sucks.

Skipp-able areas or bosses are interesting, but once the dungeons are about a month or two old, they'll get skipped 9 times out of 10. Is it worth the effort to make them then? Possibly, but it's all about prioritizing what needs to get done for each dungeon. Creating 1 or 2 "extra" fights for 6 different dungeons is time and effort that could've gone to a 7th dungeon.

Spiritual Guidance: Minor glyphs for discipline and holy priests, plus some pre-BlizzCon silliness {WoW}

Oct 17th 2011 10:32PM Any raid with an elevator boss makes Glyph of Levitate worth the investment. Plus, as a conduit of pure holy energy, you should be floating above the rabble as a matter of course.

Funny that you mention "maximizing efficiency" after saying its not worthwhile to cast Power Word Fortitude in combat. If you're not putting Fortitude on a DPS or Healer that was just Brezzed then you're gimping your raid, period.

The Queue: Pig-tailed bank teller {WoW}

Oct 14th 2011 11:39AM I realize the split of the Elves from the Alliance is grey and murky, but it's blatantly untrue that the Alliance betrayed the High Elves during the Third War.

Maybe the Blood Elves FEEL they were betrayed by the Alliance, but it's really the other way around. The High Elves are essentially isolationist jerks, as seen when they closed themselves off after the Troll Wars, y'know where humanity essentially saved the elves from extinction?

Later, when the original Horde threatened to wipe humanity off the map, it took an orc-troll alliance, a horde raid on elven territory, and a call to honor a debt from the last of the Arathi bloodline to get the elves back into the Alliance. And once that threat had ended and the clean-up had to be done? Back to minding their own business.

That was a large component of the weakening of the Northern kingdoms, which left Lordearan vulnerable to the Scourge. With no allies to pull their fat out of the fire this time, the Scourge ran roughshod over the elves.

By the time Kael'thas tried to make up for the arrogance of his people, the only human commander left in the area was a racist douchebag who got by on ruthlessness. Garithos represented the Alliance as much as that bloodthirsty female orc in Conquest Hold represented the Horde - both were shortsighted opportunists disliked by everyone who wasn't a sycophant.

Unfortunately, Kael'thas' desperate situation in Outland and the madness suffered by his new allies (Illidan went crazy after losing to Arthas and Vashj was his devoted follower) led him to embrace the Burning Legion for salvation. Part of this new plan was to strengthen his people using allies of convenience (the Horde) to pave the way for the next invasion. Of course, most Blood Elves aren't all that bad, so they end up sympathizing with the other Horde races - notably the Forsaken who are led by one of their greatest generals.

The question the Kalimdor Horde should be asking themselves is, once the Blood Elves get back into a comfortable position of power, are they going to shut themselves off from their "allies" like they've consistently done in the past, or have they finally learned their lesson? Clearly, Vereesa and her Silver Covenant realize that it was the arrogance of the High Elves which led to the current state of affairs, not some treachery by the rest of the Alliance. A shame the rest of her people can't swallow their pride.

The Queue: There is a ret column coming, I promise {WoW}

Aug 31st 2011 12:16PM Crap, this was supposed to be a reply to Nathanyel's comment

"To state it in a more sincere tone:
Tolerance is not saying "You're different and I'm ok with that".
Tolerance is _not caring at all_ whether the other person is gay, black, muslim or different from you in any other way. It's just some other person."

The Queue: There is a ret column coming, I promise {WoW}

Aug 31st 2011 12:12PM I'm sorry, but this stance is the exact opposite of one that we should all be taking.

Saying "I don't see race/religion/gender/sexual orientation" is disingenuous at best, dismissive at worst. The problem is that a person who has a completely different upbringing from you is likely to have different world views, to believe in different things, to hold things sacred or profane that you don't even consider, to have been discriminated against or hated in ways both personal and systemic.

To face that and say "I don't see how you're different" is a slap in the face to someone who's had to overcome adversity and prejudice just because of how they were raised or, even worse, what their genetics determined they would be.

Though, maybe you're right in a way, and tolerance is just not caring about the experiences and struggles of others. To go about your own business and not care a whit about the injustice faced by others. In that case, maybe we should all strive for empathy, not tolerance.