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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 9:18PM It seems to me that either you have only started playing recently and have an excellent grasp of the history of the game or you have only been in a particular role for a length of the game. Your arguments are very well thought out and particularly persuasive, but you are missing a key element. The 25 man content of Wrath has different bosses than the 10 man content of Wrath does. This may seem confusing at first if you only play as a healer and to some extent a dps. You see the fight from the perspective of this person takes damage or that person does X amount of damage. The tank on the other hand sees an entirely different fight than yourself. For the tank, Patchwerk 10 and Patchwerk 25 are two entirely different fights. On the 10 man, the fight requires less tanks and less coordination because as long as your hp keeps getting topped you are taking the hatefuls as the offtank, and also the damage is very different. On the 25 man, the fight requires 3 tanks and of those tanks there must be similar top end health values or one of the tanks in particular will be taking the vast majority of the hatefuls. The nuances of boss fights and "trash" mobs for a tank from 10 to 25 are noticeable. IF you gear a tank for a 10 man with 25 man gear, then you will see a significant reduction of the level of difficulty. In this case, in addition to your already mentioned reasons you would need to consider how foolish it would be to do 25 man content when the 10 man version is more simple, less difficult, and takes 15 less people IF it gave the same gear.