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WRUP: It's spring time... {WoW}

Apr 4th 2009 1:03AM Prob joining a new guild--been with a very good casual just i they arnt going anywhere and i want to do more Naxx and OS and so on.

25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 9:36PM I feel that yes, 25 man raiding is a pain to get all of the people, but after i do my 10 mans for the week, as others said, its great to have that option of 25 mans so i can still do Heigans Safety dance 1 more time. Also i feel that since the 25 mans arnt that hard, i mean finding good groups on my server are easy, and with a good group Naxx becomes fun adn not stressful. SO in the end i feel that 25 mans are good to have, gives people some other stuff to do, and with the gear being Better its nice to get it when you do finally win some 25 man gear. Gear should not be SO much better from 25 mans, but since it requires more people it still should have some better quality gear. Oh and lastly 25 mans are awesome and essential to raiders everywhere i think.