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AddOn Spotlight: Advanced Trade Skill Window {WoW}

Oct 25th 2009 10:38PM The heavy lag with Inscription could be due to a bug in ATSW. Basically, when you visit the Ink Seller (for badges) in Dalaran, ATSW registers all those inks as buyable instead of craftable. Once that happens, the logic of ATSW cannot handle it goes into several infinite(?) loops and chokes whenever it tries to craft inscription.

1 way to get around this (I read from curse or somewhere) is to remove all references of the Inks ("Snowfall Ink", "Moonglow Ink", etc) from the SavedVariables file I believe. And then don't ever visit the dalaran ink vendor again. (or at least until ATSW fixes this bug.)

That woman is a man, man {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 6:26AM /Obligatory