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Blizzard issues Call to Arms clarification {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 5:18PM Gimmlette is correct. Anyone that read the comments in the original announcement could make an informed assumption that there are hundreds, if not thousands of tanks that won’t LFD because too many people are jerks. Daedalus is correct that Blizzard can’t realistically fix this. Therefore they are trying to make the rewards for tanking so good that people will be willing to put up with the crap.

Don’t be surprised if the rewards in the satchel get bummed up in coming months.

I am pessimistic that this feature will make much of a long term impact. Granted, when it first goes in there will be a significant decrease in the wait times for the first week or so. Then they will climb back up (not to the original wait times, maybe 10 minutes shorter). The reasons for this is the tanks will ether get what they want from the satchels and stop or they will be reminded why they didn’t LFD before and stop. The only way Blizzard can react is to continue to increase the bonus reward. I have no doubt the designers know this, but they’re still going ahead with it so they can show their customers that they are not ignoring them and are trying to fix it.

Also, I expect players to act worse than they are now. After waiting in their shorter queue they will be even quicker to bitch out a tank or healer because they are getting bonuses.

The only way behavior will improve in LFD is if there is some penalty for bad behavior (and being group kicked in not a significant enough penalty). I don’t see how Blizzard can do this so I don’t expect there to be much change in the nature of the LFD experience.

But it’s still a great tool for running dungeons with guildies or other groups formed outside of the LFD tool.

The Lawbringer: Armory annulment {WoW}

Dec 17th 2010 4:56PM Some people have a lot less to lose then other people.

When I was 21 I couldn’t care less who knew about my life.

Now, 20 years later, I have a wife, kids, mortgage and a career that I really don’t want messed with by someone with little to lose. Yes, I embarrassed you in PvP last night. Does that mean my wife should deal with obscene phone calls? Your outrageous behavior caused me to kick you out of the guild. Should I then have to explain to the police who came to my place of business that I am not a pedophile and spouse abuser?

When there are very real penalties (that are enforced) for people invading others privacy and stalking them then I would be more open. Until then, I’m Cor and that’s all you need to know =)

Archaeology grants group-wide buffs in Cataclysm 5-man dungeons {WoW}

Dec 17th 2010 1:22PM Keep in mind those prices are temporary. Once more people hit 85 and start looking for other stuff to do the supply of those stones will go through the roof.

Sell them today and when the prices fall use them for buffs.

The Queue: Healing is super fun {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 12:32PM TL;DR Leaning is fun, healers are the new rock stars

I tanked heroic Stonecore last night with a guild group and we wiped on the first boss over and over. And I loved it. The fact is our gear was fine. It was just the first time any of us had faced that boss on heroic and we had to LEARN how to win. Gear could not carry us.

We had to learn where to move and if everyone didn’t do it the rest couldn’t carry them. As the tank I found I rarely needed my defenses in a panic to keep me alive, but I did see when I should use them for best effect to minimize the healing I needed. IMO a good tank will never have all their defensive skills off CD (at the same time they shouldn’t all be on CD ether).

The new measure of uberness for DPS will not only be how much damage you output, but how little damage you take or healing you need.

To the healers out there I just want to say: Hang In There. We tanks and DPS need to learn to be better at avoiding damage at all times, not just when we are about to die.

It’s a new world and failure is not measured by the tank running out of health, but the healer running out of mana. DPS lists and health counts won’t be the measure of how good you are. It will be measured by the amount of mana your healer has at the end of the fight.

Cataclysm Collector's Editions available at Amazon with release date delivery {WoW}

Nov 30th 2010 12:11PM Amazon didn't give me to option to change my shipping to release date. Walmart has to collectors edition as of 9:00 AM PST. Place my order with them. Canceled it with Amazon. Stupid limitations = lost business.

Raid Rx: Healing a level 80 dungeon vs. a level 85 dungeon {WoW}

Nov 28th 2010 2:48AM I was DPS from the day WoW launched until WoLK when I graduated to tank. In the beginning I trained myself that I should never need a heal and if I do I failed in some way. That standard consistantly had me being one of the last people standing when a boss died for the first time and also topped charts for over all damage since dead dps do no dps =)

DPS will be a much more challanging role in the future and a lot of people won't like it. Some players will resent being told to CC stuff. I doubt many will be surprised when the forums explode with complaints that things are too hard. I only hope Blizzard sticks to their standards and forces people to improve their game play.

Win a Lil' K.T. from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 11:03AM inc