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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 6:43AM I have to completely disagree with this. 25 mans are harder 10 man and that is not even arguable in my mind.

I dont know about how much raiding you have done Eliah but it sounds like you are talking about pug groups here? and that is in no way meant to be an insult if you can clear Naxx with a pug thats great. I sill believe that 25 mans should be much harder than they already are and you just give the example of Sarth +3D as being the hardest fight and i agree with you there it is but it is more the fight design that is bad rather than needed alot of skill to pull it off.

The fight is clearly designed for 25 man mode needed 3 tanks which is unreasonable for 10 man but in 10 man its still the only real option. 10 man raids are designed to let people who dont schedual their playtime or just for some reason dont want to do 25 mans to see content. All these hard modes are chalenges for players who dont like the kill/loot mentality of WoLK raiding, they want a challenge. Achievements are not content and i dont think you can justify that the whole of 25 man and 10 man raiding is of equal difficulty or even try to argue that 10 man is harder because it simply isnt. ive done a fair amount of both.

The idea of haveing 10 mans to let more see content is just bs, if they dropped no gear people wouldnt raid them the same as 25. This game at heart about building up your charicter over time and im afraid 10 mans are simply to allow people to pug there way to shiny purples and on my server atleast they still only do the very simple bosses like patchwork.

Sorry to rant on but i completely disagree with you that 10 mans are on par or even harder overall than 25 mans and therefore i dont think they should reqard equal gear. You talk about 4-5 points that you dont believe justifying 25 man drops to be better but all them points when combined completely justify it.


p.s. sorry for bad grammer and spelling english is not my first language