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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 7:23AM I think the hardness of the fight should decide the loot-lvl, not how many that do the fight. I think its wrong that many people play 25 just to get better loot when they think 10 is more fun.

I also believe that you should deserve good gear. Blizzard have almost solved with the hard-mode fights in the game. 11/15 fights in Ulduar will have a hard-mode. The perfect way to solve this is to make 10 and 25 equal hard. And give the same gear-lvl. So to get the best gear you have to make the hard-mode fights. Instead of T8 in 1o and Y8,5 in 25 you should have T8 ,5 in hard-mode fight with the boss and T8 in the easy-mode fight with the boss. You should also get a valor emblem in easy-mode and the conquer emblem in hard-mode. The different should not be if its 10 or 25.

Why should it be easier to play with 10 instead of 25. Then it should be better gear if you play 5v5 arena instead of 2v2 arena. How many thinks that that should be the case. Hardcore PvP only play 5v5 or WSG so they should have better PvP gear then the casual that play 2v2?????? I think its stupid. It shouldn’t be how many that do the fights that make it, it should be how hard. And with the hard- and soft-mode bosses the casual players can play either 10 or 25 and the hardcore players too, Then it would be the skill that settle how good gear you have not how many you were doing it.