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Breakfast Topic: Missing features {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 8:50AM Soo I have to share this one story from our guild, Murderous.

We have this guy (Darko) who is very integral in the guild and his been with it since the start. Well all of us are in Naxx finishing up Gluth (finnallyyy) at 1% health and one of our members in there with us said "Guys...Darko just left the guild". The place goes dead silent, no one loots the boss, and everyone is going back to guild chat to see all the messages he left (even though he knew we would be in naxx). He said he finally got application approval from Gentlemen's Club and he's been waiting a long time, and he's gonna have to leave us but to whisper him anytime. I immediately think...april fools! But then the GM, myself, and others in the guild pst him and see he is in fact in Gentlemen's Club. We're heartbroken and completely surprised and our GM is furriousss! After 5 minutes of still dead silence with the loot just being rolled on as if it were the least important thing in the world, he whispers one of our officers and asks to be invited back. ; ) He asked a GC officer to let him in for 5 minutes just to make it as authentic as possible.

We're sooo gonna get him back but it was one of the most well-executed ones I've ever seen!