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WRUP: Your cheating heart edition {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 11:28AM I've been cheating on WoW...with anatomy and physiology. So, um, yeah, lots of fun to be had here. Also, housework. If I get /really/ lucky I may hop on WoW this weekend, even if it is just to stand around in Dalaran or something, as I feel like I am suffering from withdrawal.

WRUP: The Michael Sacco smells like an ugly manbeast edition {WoW}

Aug 1st 2009 11:20AM Taking my main out to do some Argent Tourney stuff (have been ignoring her for too long) and take my DK for a walk in Zul'Drak, she has a hot date with Drakuru tonight. Also, make blueberry pancakes. Grats to The Funia, getting married is awesome : )

Breakfast Topic: Mothers' Day edition {WoW}

May 10th 2009 11:37AM I'm a WoW mom to two under two :) and my hubby is a WoW dad...we love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow WoW mamas!

Breakfast Topic: Which class are you in real life? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2009 10:39AM I would say hunter becaue I love animals, except the whole 'tracking at any costs' thing is just not I definitely have to go with druid. I am pretty crunchy-granola, lol and the idea of being really in tune with nature suits me. Now, my hubby? Definitely a mage! :)

Magic Eight Ball Says: Outlook good for Patch 3.1 tomorrow {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 9:54PM "they are taken quite credibility by many of us."

Umm, there's a little 'understandability' issue there...

The Creamy GUI Center: Big bag blowout {WoW}

Apr 10th 2009 6:06PM The word 'barrows' is used when I believe you meant 'borrows'...I'm totally not an editor, just thought you might want to know.

Breakfast Topic: Missing features {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 9:30AM I think that saying player housing is "so GW" is untrue...EQ2 had a player housing system that I for one, really liked. That said, I understand completely why player housing-or dance studios are not top priority for Blizz...and in turn, play Sims 2 to get my decorating fix :-)