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WoW Insider Show special video edition live tomorrow {WoW}

May 22nd 2009 7:15PM Baaad weekend for this with so many of us out of town or with family holiday arrangements. Someone Please record this with fraps or something!

The Daily Grind: The best elements of an MMO podcast are... {Massively}

Apr 2nd 2009 11:58AM My main requirement is that the podcasters are entertaining to listen to. It's not as important to me what they're talking about. In many cases, I have found that, depending on the subject, I know more than the podcasters. And in some cases not. But I want to be entertained, not informed. I can be informed from blogs and MMO specific websites. Take WoW, for instance. Just about all WoW podcasts follow the exact same formula:

1. What we did this week.
2. News.
3. Speculation.
4. Listener email.

I could have my own podcast about the top three things and the content would be exactly the same. But I'm not that interesting to listen to.