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Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 11:00PM Gimme!

All the World's A Stage: Common name conventions {WoW}

May 24th 2010 1:35AM Really? They have a non-RP name and should "probably die imo"? Maybe you need to realize that it's just a game and should get outside and join the real world.

Children's Week Dalaran orphan quest broken [Updated] {WoW}

May 2nd 2010 1:36PM You aren't aware of how many lines of code are in this game, are you? It takes time to find the cause of a bug and if it's something that occurs over a large portion of code and what not, it will take time. This is hardly game breaking so just chill.

Battle resurrections may get increased cooldowns {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 9:42AM What? Lay on Hands, Blessing of Protection, Argent Defender, and the host of other paladin abilities isn't enough?

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 5:19PM Want to win! Thanks for having this contest!

Win a year of Curse's premium service {WoW}

May 12th 2009 11:30AM Would love to win this. Thanks!

Phat Loot Phriday: Jaina's Signet Ring {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 6:20PM Re-read the article. He was saying that the loot (the ring in this case) was a let down, not the questline itself. He even says it's worth doing simply because of the lore. Learn to read before you judge, eh?