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Lichborne: Why I play a death knight {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 12:02AM there's 3 things i'm still disgruntle on DK

1, the death of blood dps
2, the death of DW tanking
3, the lack of a 'respectable' class mount

as much as i enjoy being a DK - those 3, especially ever since the death of former 2, have considerably hamper my willingness to march on

i find it funny that as a 2H plate class - we now lacked a true 2H DPS spec.

2H Frost is a failure, and many dont even like the playstyle.
lets dont even argue whether Unholy counts as 2H dps or dont - the answer is clearly obvious.

disagree? hit heroics/raids without ya pet and then tell me how you performed

Breakfast Topic: Been waiting an excrutiatingly long time for this {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 11:52AM i farmed, for years literally, for the damn ZG He-Man tiger

so yes, i find myself hard to 'forgive' blizzard for removing the mount before i got my hands on it without ANY valid reason. they could have easily add those 2 original mounts ON TOP of new ones. but no - instead they replace with a re-used skin and expect it to be counted as a 'worthy replacement'.

sorry - that backfired, so bad

in fact, when comes to mount issues - i have plenty of gripe with blizzard's decision. there was so many cool mounts that removed, some even never get a chance to be 'properly introduced'.

there's a recent blue post reply on the naxx mounts, which goes 'Isn't it a good thing that, some things can stay rare?'

SURE - how about I get the arena mount on MY toon, and keeping every other arena players from ever getting it. hows THAT?

most stupid respond, ever.

Lichborne: Further reflections on death knights in Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:49AM great article - but to be honest, i have more pressing issues which i rather them fixed asap

no. 1 - failure of 2H DPS viability for DK. lets be honest here: wrath's blood dps is perhaps the closest we have to having an actual dps spec that focus on 2H. with the ever-failing 2H Frost experiment and the growing aspect of pet management on unholy, we've arrive at a strange chokepoint where 2H for DK, at best, is a 'stat stick'.

i, as many others as well, want to have a viable 2H dps spec being a DK. quit dabbling with Frost and actually do something. hell, with all the hardwork to 'ensure' DW Frost is actually viable, why not actually make Frost to pick either DW quick 1 handers or 2 big 2 handers?

no. 2 - expanding DW's viability, at least into tanking. i'm sure this is a sensitive topic as well, but i felt the constant roaring from community speaks for itself.

DW tanking has been a constant request from the community- in fact, the DK class was originally intended to have 2H and DW viable across all specs. i know that things changed as time passed - but i do also think its time to re-evaluate the stance on DW tanking.

with the entire talent being revamp - we can incorperate some sort of DW viability passively to the specs, further allowing more fun options to play with.

in fact, having 2 tanking weapons could possibly help solve the 'spikiness' of DK tanking - those tanking stats would definitely much more eye-pleasing for tanks than crit/haste

Lichborne: 3 predictions for death knights in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 8:30AM i'm on a different page here - the death of blood DPS leaves me sour for long, and the drama on 2H Frost just adds agony to my injury

and i agree with Heii - managing/dealing with a pet is, as quoted before, 'not everyone's cup of tea'. from my personal experience, one of the major contributing factor in PuG wipes would be pet aggro. while we always 'expect' pet classes to handle their pets well, most of the time they dont.

here's what i like to see:

1, since they put so much work to emphasize DW in frost - lets take it 1 step further. they either DW fast 1 handers, or 2 big 2-handers. sure, TG is a trait for Fury warriors; but i'm sure it could be rework to fit DK as well. gear competiton? with LFR being introduced, i cant see how getting weapon upgrades can be as 'punishing' as before.

2, allow Blood to be a hybrid of tank and DPS, or at least a new Blood DPS tree that emphasizes on 2H. call it Onslaught, Purgation or wutever - we need a clearly defined, iconic 2H DPS spec that rings well with DK, not a psedo-rework 2H gimmick. and no offense to unholy - your playstyle simply rings more about pet management than your weapon in hand.

Blood DPS was a iconic trait for DK - some may scream how 'liable' it is for raiding, or how hard it is to compete in it. but lets not forget: it was a prime choice for most DK, with survivability unparalleled by other specs; something which every DPS dk been struggling since cataclysm.

i appreciate their noble effort to make 2H DPS a viable choice for DK - but honestly, that didnt happen in cataclysm. and apparently their idea of reworking Frost to be 2H savvy simply brings more frustration instead.

Breakfast Topic: Who's the new star of the expansion? {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 8:11AM i think it goes without contest that Mylune would be ranked pretty high up on the list

for me, mine would be Telarius Voidstrider

for 1 simple reason - his existence, along with his artifact, gives me a glimmer of hope to looking forward becoming/rerolling a Demon Hunter

The post-patch 4.3 rare gem market {WoW}

Dec 12th 2011 10:09PM i disagree, fox

true - heart might be a great band?

but greatest? bon jovi. period.

Lichborne: A BlizzCon death knight wishlist {WoW}

Oct 18th 2011 3:04PM well said

fact: they should bring aura's back. with some rework, it could compliment a dk's arsenal well. from blood aura's life leeching to unholy's 'crusader' aura, those are tools/utility that could add so much more

fact: lets face it, most of us are tired of having 2H Frost being the yo-yo game as it is. sure - there's many who loved 2H Frost; then again just as many who end up converted into DW frost, or simply reroll another else coz.......hey, there is no viable 2H spec for raiding!

removing blood DPS was a mistake - bring it back, while keep Frost being the 'dedicated' DW tree.

being a 'dedicated' tanking tree doesn't mean it cant support a viable DPS selection - sure, DK are not druids. then again, IT WAS working back in wrath.

All the World's a Stage: Plot points for Argent Crusaders {WoW}

Oct 17th 2011 7:36AM Silver Hand is not a bad choice

but since we're on a 'crusade' - how about the persistent Scarlet Crusade?

with transmog coming, i can forsee tons of 'scarlet champions' marching forward, taking down the toughest, meanest raid bosses - or even raid parties on major cities, beheading each and every faction leader, all in the name of the crusade.

it pains me that i missed out the time period on original 60 Naxx for a chance at ashbringer, the very symbol/icon of the crusade

no offense to others, but tirion and ashbringer just dont mix well

Lichborne: Closing the unholy gap in patch 4.3 {WoW}

Oct 11th 2011 3:05PM let me rephrase the very truth ever since the whole DK redesign for cata:

BLOOD, was a perfect mix of dps and tanking tree

the problem with blood dps was never about capacity/rotation - it was solely lack of synergy and support, with a huge thanks to the 'retarded' armor penetration stat experiment which made Blood looks disproportionally bad as it tips way more melee damage than magic damage compared to other 2 specs

converting frost to incorperate 2H, while killing off any possibility for Unholy DW - apparently the experiement end up leaving bitter taste in our mouth for 2H viability, while further solidify unholy being the grand nanny of disease petting zoo

honestly, the best fun i had, was being a blood tank and blood dps. now, i'm left with only 50% of that, and i'm not even sure the remaining 50 is actually being fun, at all

and oh yeah - apparently one reason they converted blood presence into a tanking presence was they felt it was 'wrong' using the 'wrong' presence to tank. care to explain how the same concept is actually 'fine' when both frost and unholy are using the same presence?

Blood Pact: The future of affliction warlock balance, page 2 {WoW}

Sep 7th 2011 12:09PM the battle of DL vs SB in affliction - prolly will never get old

for me, i would prefer DL being a worthy filler as well as SB. reasons are fairly simple:

1, it felt more 'natural' as a affliction filler, which your sub-25% is about drain soul
2, enjoys much more synergy with overall talents, pets and even mastery
3, a huge advantage as a self-sustaining DPS - prolly unmatched even by Blood DK DPS in LK

joey brings up a good point - from pure dps figure alone, it was like comparing FB with FFB. however, the drawback would be the feel; which would be a very personal experience for each players. some like a certain way, while others dont.

to be frank, i find the decision to axe DL from being a viable afflic filler is a harsh decision. there's plenty of ways to 'attack' DL without making it useless - which i belief previous Blood pact articles have some very nice suggestion.

as to back on the topic on Afflic balance, i have a few suggestion which should make life as a afflic lock much more enjoyable:

1, Shadow Embrace - allow felflame to proc the effect would be a nice fix to the slow and agonizing ramp-up, even a greater tool on the move; keeping both UA and SE 'alive'

2, Soul Swap - i would reuse an excellent suggestion from previous Blood Pact column. just 'swap' the glyph effect with base effect. it makes little sense to 'need' to glyph our prominent ability

3, a radical suggestion - Nightfall rework. instead of SB, how about 'your next Felflame deals 300% damage. in addition, refreshes the duration of Haunt'?

with incinerate and SB 'attuned' to demo and destro, i think making felflame more prominent for affliction would be a nice path.