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Arcane Brilliance: Professions for Mages, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 5th 2009 12:39AM I apologize, i just looked up these gems again and they've been updated since i last saw them. Here's what my post should have said:

I think it's very much worth a mention that there is a very good chance Jewelcrafting BoP spellpower gems will NO LONGER be the best available when 3.1 hits.

Datamining sites like have found [Runed Cardinal Ruby] on the PTR, which gives +23 spellpower and is BoE. It is NOT yet confirmed whether we'll see it in 3.1 or a later content patch (like 3.2 or 3.3), but with 3.1 coming out almost definitely by Tuesday the 14th, I think it's worth waiting to find out at this point, before going and throwing away all the work youve put into whatever prof you have in exchange for JC.

Also worth a note that [Runed Stormjewel], a +23 spellpower Unique BoE gem has been confirmed to drop in the 3.1 PTR on MMO-Champion. This will have a chance to be obtained as a reward from Dalaran fishing dailies.

Arcane Brilliance: Professions for Mages, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 5th 2009 12:04AM I think what REALLY needs to be stated here is that in 3.1 (coming in about a week) Jewelcrafting BoP gems will no longer be the best.

thats right, the absolute best Jewelcrafting BoP spellpower gems will only be EQUAL TO the best BoE spellpower gems AT BEST. this is confirmed by people on the PTR and datamining sites like Wowhead. As it looks, the best BoE spellpower gems will actually be drops from lockboxes you get from Fishing. Go figure. Epic BoE gems have also been datamined from the PTR, but it looks to be likely that these will not be implemented until 3.2 or later.

So yeah, if you're like me and were thinking of going JC just for those sexy [Runed Dragon's Eye]s, you may want to reconsider before wasting however much work youve put into your other professions in order to be min/maxed for about a week :P