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WRUP: Live long and Ulduar edition {WoW}

May 10th 2009 1:56PM *Cracks Knuckles for Extended Keyboard Action start, my comments were directed at the Lore Geeks out there who would try to take exception with how the movie fits into their already existing universe...but since you decided to see fit to use you uber-techno-nerd wisdom to punch holes in the technical aspects of the movie I shall endeavor to respond.

WHAT ABOUT STAR TREK IS REAL? It's a damn science FICTION movie smart guy! Since antigravity and warp drive and a thousand other made up things in the Star Trek universe do not exist, or do not yet exist, or will never exist, your silly techno idiocy is just one more foolish attempt by people with more brains than imagination to try to rationalize something into reality that can never happen. I feel sorry for you small minded people as it never occurs to you to suspend disbelief and just sit and enjoy a movie...rather you most likely spend your time trolling the forums like a pack of calculator wielding chess club douches looking for people to try to talk down to when you should realize that the rest of the world doesn't give a rats ass whether supernovas travel at 12 miles an hour or 12 times light speed...we went to Star Trek to be entertained, you obviously went with a mental shotgun ready to blast it apart because you have no joy in your life.

As to all of your wasted typing I merely glazed visually trying to read it as obviously your mental skills at 17 are so vastly beyond the rest of us as to allow you to tell us about your physics and math skills and supercomputer crud that WE WILL NEVER RESPECT because respect is earned not bragged for.

And suddenly just because you haven't heard about it or thought about it or dreamed about it or imagined about can't exist right? Who cares...your analytical mind may get you into MIT, but your lack of imagination and your narrow-minded attitude to only adhere to a reality that you cannot escape from only serves to leave you following the work of others instead of setting out towards those new frontiers that real visionaries find.

I didn't think I needed to respond to your arguments in my previous comment in any other way because I judged the movie based on it's story telling merit and not on it's scientific and technical merit...because when I think of science it doesn't generally go hand in hand with storytelling and entertainment. If, God forbid, they ever make a sci-fi movie that adheres to every last aspect of Physics and Math and Quantum Theory etc. I won't be there because I don't need a movie for's called REAL LIFE!

Speaking of which you should get a real life before your brain expands too far and blocks out the sun and I am forced to use my warp ship to go elsewhere...Oh wait that can't happen because a the skull couldn't contain such expansion and the body couldn't nourish such a large organ and the weight of the huge brain would be such as to crush the rest of your body right?

Dammit I hate the technically righteous, they could suck the fun out of sex...if they ever got any.

WRUP: Live long and Ulduar edition {WoW}

May 9th 2009 7:18PM /cry for the jaded among us...

WRUP: Live long and Ulduar edition {WoW}

May 9th 2009 9:58AM Star Trek...
Two Thumbs Up, 4 Stars, whatever you want to call it, it was will satisfy hardcore fans and new comers alike.

And for the hardcore...try to punch holes in it, I dare you!

Give Bloodlust to Rogues {WoW}

May 5th 2009 7:15PM Rogue raid buff...

Chink In The Armor: Raid receives additional 20% Armor Penetration for 20 seconds. (5 Minute Cooldown)

If there's a weakness we'll exploit it. fits with a rogue's mentality...

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 5th 2009 6:53PM Parallel arguments can serve as illustration, not as factual comparison. I merely point out that in any system there is room for improvement, either within the game context or outside it in reality. I certainly cannot compare the two things side by side, but only use one to illustrate the situation...if WoW is effectively a virtual world then certainly there can be common ground for comparison. Equity is Apple and Apples, we're talking about Apples and Oranges, certainly different but still Tree borne fruit, and therefore parallel thought can be enacted.

And when it comes down to brass tacks you're again valid in pointing out the he was only banned from a game not sentenced to death. However, Karatechop as a toon is effectively "dead" from WoW, and all of the work that went into creating that persona is lost. Justifiably or not, Blizzard enacts their bans without recourse, and given that there are certainly mitigating circumstances in Many account cancellations it is regrettable that the finality of their decisions leave no room for discourse or dialogue.

An example from my own experience in WoW; A young kid, (former guildie) had and account hacked through a keylogger and was suspended from play for a week...he took his punishment and came back after his mother called up Blizzard to rectify the situation. The unfortunate thing was that he didn't have the computer expertise to remove the keylogger, nor did his mother, and it ended happening again resulting in a permanent ban. Apparently the hacker had been using his toon to facilitate illegal gold transactions. Blizzard stated categorically to this distraught child's mother that nothing short of a letter from her congressman would get his account reinstated. He had to get another and start all over again. Certainly you could say that "well he should have fixed the problem before starting again" and indeed we as guildies talked to both him and his mother to try and get the malicious software off the computer before his second didn't work. He has since gotten another account and made his way back into the game, but we're talking about a kid...certainly he wasn't out to screw anyone, but rather to have a good time online...

I don't care that Blizzard acts the way that they do...they run a business and that's the way it goes. I do care about people and how even in a game they can be affected by rigid policies. Both in real life and this game people can get screwed, and in both I sympathize with their plight.

As to the examples of their turn around on Blizzard from F to B stood only as possible reasons...the reason could be any or none of what I said, and therefore I can't speculate on the change, merely postulate. But that's neither here nor there...

Thanks for the continued dialogue it has been stimulating. How unfortunate that most commentary is the result knee-jerk reaction and tomfoolery.

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 5th 2009 11:53AM Open bracket inset

My argument is missing the quotes for some odd they are and where they go:

#1...comparing infractions against real life;

But we're also talking about a game here...this isn't armed robbery or assault with a deadly's not even reality.

That statement illustrates...

#2...your further statement that goes on:

Well, first off your argument that it's just a game applies both ways. If it's not such a big deal to disrupt the game, then how can it be such a big deal to be removed from it?

I never applied it in those...

Sorry about that :)

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 5th 2009 11:47AM It was my original argument that WoW is just a game in the context of comparing infractions against real life;

That statement illustrates why Blizzard may be seen as unfair or unjust by some account holders who were banned. It was your further statement that goes on:

I never applied it in those terms you did. My argument actually supports my original statements. I was defending from a players position. I have over the course of our dialogue continued to support the idea that Blizzard simply doesn't care due to either their own ignorance, their own inability or lack of desire to police WoW, their own "perceived" lack of oversight, or the fact that the number of players banned is a mere drop in the bucket compared to their overall player pool and thus their revenue is not really hurt, (most likely a combination of several factors). When I state that it is a game, I do so to illustrate that the punishments may outweigh the crimes...May outweigh, not Do.

It was indeed a rating of F...and not that long ago, as published Here at Wow Insider Apr 20th 2009 3:00PM ( Error, perhaps...or the BBB didn't realize the sheer size of the player base versus the small number of complaints, or perhaps the fanboys actually went there to influence the grade with positive support (if they thought it was a mistake perhaps they thought it was also their job to rectify the situation?) I cannot speculate about the quick turn around on the rating...

I am not worried specifically...and I fell no compunction to "take up the cause for the banned and downtrodden", nor do I think that Blizzard will change their current practices as they would be expensive, time-consuming and ultimately turn the company into effectively what would be on par with a judicial system for WoW.

My comments are simply to state opinion, which is what ALL comments basically are...I certainly will not defend illegal activities, I still maintain however that the system as it stands serves to hurt players nearly as much as it protects itself.

Aside: WoW Court would be awesome...toons stand in front of a ruling council and judgment is passed as to the guilt or innocence of their could be ported to a courtroom and your infraction and punishment would be read and then if you needed to defend yourself you would pull a ticket and the judge would order a recess for the defense while the game waited for a GM...of course then people would try to get in trouble to see it...

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 5th 2009 1:24AM Time and effort even in leisure activities still may produce a valued commodity...therefore your argument that it's just a game only serves to address the fact that it holds little value outside of itself...and I would argue that the time and effort made by the player to reach level 80 though insignificant to those not affiliated with WoW still means something to everyone in the game who cherishes their own efforts...otherwise why play at all if there isn't any value in it?

As to my inference that action was not taken internally, in that you are correct, I have only what is published. However, I can state categorically that the system as it stands "appears" to be one sided with actions taken against the paying customer being the only evidence on record...However, the Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints from account holders who are dissatisfied with Blizzard's performance as a company, leading to their current "grade" of F. Regardless of whether this is a result of people being "poor losers" or legitimate complaints it's unclear, yet it does lead some to wonder if Blizzard really investigates their internal usage of account banning at all or it's merely handed out in strict accordance with their own "rules" with no margin for error on their part. We can again assume that all of the complaints are not legitimate, however I am certain that there are thousands of players out there who have been "disenfranchised" arbitrarily and without investigation by Blizzard. If it takes me 2-3 hours to pull a ticket, then obviously staffing of support personnel is a little light and given that GMs must answer tickets regarding everything from game glitches to bad language I see no way for them to personally investigate every complaint from banned players. Take into account that they must actually investigate hacking, which is on the rise, and other legitimate account related issues. If you're banned then it's not their problem anymore so why bother right?

Most likely the reason that they don't care about "bonus items" is because there are only so many hours in a day...let's be honest...I personally know over a dozen accounts that have been hacked...given that amount it's possible to postulate that the number of accounts hacked is a seriously large number, which leads us to assume that Blizzard has a lot on their plate. And with that number being so large it's not surprising that sooner or later they would accidentally "gift" a GM weapon to a player. (I'll say this though, how you miss that "gift" is beyond me)

As to Human Nature, it's why the world is so messed up. Some would argue that punishment isn't an effective means of stopping crimes, it merely makes crime more alluring to those bent on choosing that path by increasing the risk/reward factor, while hurting those whose intentions were never to commit a crime in the first place. I play the devil's advocate in this argument because I tend to agree with you, however I tend to believe that without proper oversight the innocent may get punished along with the guilty. (Karatechop not being the case but you see my point I hope). Especially given my previous postulation on short staffing and other obstacles to effective administration on Blizzard's part.

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 4th 2009 9:37PM Blizzard rarely blurs the line on infractions so my argument is valid. If gold sellers go against the game's rules then an unfair increase in a toon's gold supply whether accidental or deliberate still violates the letter of the law. I am not speaking about the weight of a crime, rather I am addressing human nature which neither condones nor condemns players for their actions.
I also never said that the use of the Ban Hammer was unwarranted by Blizz in this instance, but I still sympathize. Karatechop was the victim of his own ignorance or greed (your choice) and as such was justly punished for the infraction according to the agreement that none of us generally read (ignorance of the law doesn't shield those that disregard it).
But we're also talking about a game here...this isn't armed robbery or assault with a deadly's not even reality. If this was indeed a "high crime" then Blizzard should step up and acknowledge its own mistakes as well. According to their email to Karatechop which was posted earlier on Wow Insider, the blame for his actions and subsequent account ban was placed solely on his shoulders with no admission of error by Blizzard. That's their right and I'm sure they merely sent out a "form letter" which all banned players receive, however the punishment hardly seems to fit the crime given that not all guilty parties paid the price for their mistakes...though again that's Blizzard's decision and right.

[1.Local]: The theory, debate, controversy and scandal edition {WoW}

May 4th 2009 10:43AM I find it funny that almost everyone here (in regards to Karatechop) seems to think that what he did was wrong, yet given a similar situation (prior to this fiasco) I believe that 95% or more of them would have exploited the same situation. Claim what you like folks but the whole innocent as the driven snow act is getting a little old...

I've seen my own share of GM mistakes (though the current example is certainly a HUGE snafu on their part); for example a friend of mine had their account hacked (pre-WotLK) and got back not only their earned Badges of Justice, but also all of the Primal Nethers and Nether Vortexes that the Hacker bought with the BoJs...effectively doubling the gold supply of that toon. Never a word was technically it gave them an unfair advantage...

As an exploiter of any advantage I am GIVEN, I sympathize.