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Officers' Quarters: Hot-headed healers {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 8:41PM I have a rule in my runs: Meters are for personal use only do not link them, . We all have recount, we all see the numbers. If you're linking it, you're just showing off.

Save it for a PUG.

Officers' Quarters: Patch 3.2 -- An officer's perspective {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 2:56AM As a serious raider, I'm personally happy to see these changes allowing casual players to gear up partially. Just becasue I raid all the time doesn't make me better then anyone one else and anything that helps others gain the same level of enjoyment from the game that I receive gets a vote from me.

Reality is, gear alone doesn't get you into a raid; attituide, skill and committment does. IMO anyone who has full Tier 9 and looks down upon another player, simply reflects poorly upon themselves. I would simply choose not to run with them anyway.

I say:

Grats to people that try,
Grats to people who have fun,
Grats to people that are kind and think of others

So what if you dont have awesome gear.

These are the people we want in our game.

Arcane Brilliance: PvPing as an Arcane Mage after 3.1 {WoW}

May 3rd 2009 7:52PM Another great post.

As a hard core raider, reading this inspires me to use my second spec for PVP. Big yay for the mobility factor of Arc'

I haven't played "Spank the Lock" since level 70.

Thanks for another great read.

Arcane Brilliance: Gearing your Mage for PvP {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 7:40PM That was a lot of non-sensical feedback.

If you're "Sick of seeing it everytime i scroll past" then don't read it. If you must read it... TAKE A JOKE.

End of story!

Arcane Brilliance: Gearing your Mage for PvP {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 8:03PM O OH!

Looks like someone can't take a joke (Hey Lockanon?)

As for mages being jealous of locks, you're right. We're jealous we can't steal spells, silence spells, go invisible, move 30 yards in 1/2 a second, turn people into a range of animals and not die by falling.

oh wait...

Arcane Brilliance: Professions for Mages, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 6th 2009 2:20AM I'm amazed how people can drop a profession, I wish I had that much time. I think for the sake of my own sanity i'll keep my maxed mining and near maxed enchanting.

Thanks for another great collum, look forward to your next one on enchanting.

Nerf Locks - Buff Mages ;p