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The Light and How to Swing It: Judgements 101 {WoW}


Everything regarding having multiple judgements up on a target from different pallies is wrong. It is per paladin. My bad.

The Light and How to Swing It: Judgements 101 {WoW}

Apr 6th 2009 7:07PM One thing that is not mentioned in this article is the fact that only one judgment can be active on a target at a time. So you cannot have 3 pally judgment affects going at once, and each successive judgment over-writes the last one. While there has been some talk that occasionally more than one affect has been seen to stack on a target, the validity of such claims is under question. If it has in fact happened, it is a bug that will get fixed or otherwise addressed.

I keep my judgment up (usually light, but I don't mind using Wisdom) on every CD for the Judgments of the Pure talent affect (15% casting and melee haste for 1 minute for the caster only). I have a mod that flashes the judgment icon in the middle of my screen to remind me to cast Judgment (does the same thing for all item and spell CDS).

I would not acquiesce to a request to stop judging for the following reason. The increase from my Judgment in throughput and HPS is significant and essential to my build and the gear I have chosen to support that build. When I judge, my GCD for spells is drastically sped up, with some of the shorter CDs being virtually refreshed (Holy Shock). [Is the GCD refresh a bug? Who knows. It's certainly not mentioned in the talent tool tip.] My Holy Shock crits about 67% of the time, and after every Shock crit, my Flash of Light becomes an instant cast and my Holy Light casts in ~1.2 sec. That gives me, most of the time, 2 instant cast heals which I can cast while moving, to the tune of about10k. There is also the benefit of improved melee haste and if I’m down on my mana (long fights with perhaps undergeared DPS or DPS deaths due to lack of experience) and need to go in to beat on the mob to refill it, I’ll want that haste to increase my melee hits and, therefore, my chance to proc a mana return (from my Seal of Wisdom, not the judgment).

It is MUCH easier for a pally to change their SEAL based on their changing situation than to have folks change judgments. The effects from seals are 2 times that of judgments. For example; Seal of Wisdom has a chance to return 4% of the Pally’s max mana, while Judgment of Wisdom has a chance to return only 2%. I believe Rets already have great talents for mana regen and they shouldn't need either Seal or Judgment of Wisdom. If it gets too hairy, pot and pop up your SoW until you refill. I can see rets that worship damage meters having an issue with changing their seal, but I feel it is their responsibility to manage their mana before anyone else does it for them. Same with all other mana users; they should NOT be relying on mana regen from other classes to maintain raid viability and longevity. It should be a bonus, not a requirement for their success.

I also argue the point about who does a better judgment of light. While ret pallies do have a portion of their AP as SP, Holy pallies also have a base AP. Without Kings, my base AP is 538 and my SP is 1808 (AP is roughly 29% of my SP). The ret talent gives 30% of your AP as SP. Personally, I think it’s a wash, at least until you’re talking full T7 with all the bells and whistles. At that point, the ret should have the better stat balance for judging Light. I would say Prot pallies are the distant 3rd because they will have neither the AP of a ret or the SP of a Holy. The prot pally will be just as busy focusing on tank specific spells and abilities as the holy pally will be on healing, so the argument that a Prot judges more than a Holy isn’t accurate. However, this is a fairly silly thing to even bring up in regards to judgments since all pallies will be judging anyway and over-writing each other.

The bottom line is that all pallies judge and only one affect can be active at a time. If mana is the group’s Achilles heel, have them all judge wisdom, if your group is lacking raid heals, have them all judge light. If you have them judging different things, then every 6 seconds or so, the effect will change. Since each judgment gives only a “chance” to heal or return mana, you will seriously decrease that chance if you change the effect every 6 seconds (or so). Justice is far too situational for regular use in heroics or raids. Most mobs will be immune. It should never be used by anyone, IMO.

As for the additional judgment benefits from tree talents, again, nice as a bonus but should not be relied on for overall raid efficiency and success. Most of these benefits are best for solo play or 5 mans where the chance of multiple pallies being in the same group is low. If your raid is relying on these talent benefits to be successful, you have more far-reaching issues to address.

(no consideration for 3.1 changes is included in the preceeding comment)