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Blizzard tells Diablo III fans to lower their expectations {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 1:48PM There behavior over the last year as well as the departure of the last few people at that company with any real Blizzard lineage / credibility means we should only be calling them one thing now: ACTIVISION.

Blizzard is really dead.

Diablo III senior producer leaves Blizzard {Massively}

Jan 22nd 2012 4:22PM @ReadingRambo
That something else that's been ruining what Blizzard once was over the last few years across all their franchises has a name:

Enter at Your Own Rift: Server merges? Call Henny Penny! {Massively}

Jan 18th 2012 4:32PM Trion made 2 critical mistakes in their handling of these merges:

1 - they didnt make name space 1st by purging names of banned accounts and lvl 1 placeholders on inactive accounts. This is especially important considering 3 of the servers being killed were RP servers and 2 of those were original launch servers.

2 - they again missed the opportunity to time-zone tag their remaining servers to better distribute population by play time so everyone crowded onto the already highest populated servers (e.g. Wolfsbane) just to be sure they had people to play with when they play. Leaving other servers still perma-low and in danger of further merges while Wolfsbane now has Queues.

RIFT flags more trial servers {Massively}

Jan 12th 2012 9:02PM @(Unverified)

Bah I fail at editing: NOT say merges or closures

and the guild is called Waiting for Diablo (I used braces - oops)

And yea - the other possibility is these will be F2P servers.

RIFT flags more trial servers {Massively}

Jan 12th 2012 9:00PM Trial Servers allows them to say "merges" or "closures" AND allows them an easy way to expand back out if/when people come back from SWTOR.

Given that one of the #1 Rift guilds is called you have to think they're going to take another population hit in March also.

But the game is good and the devs are good so I'd expect a healthy pop back in Rift by summer... it's still a much more fun game than WoW.

Persistent issues and Final Fantasy XIV {Massively}

Aug 19th 2010 6:18PM The problem with the game from what I've seen is they're not translating their stated goal of making a casual-friendly game with hard-core option content.

The accessability for this game is terrible - you need a heck of a system to run it well, there isn't good in game guidance at all, it's sometimes hard to do things that most people expect like track where other members of your party are on the map etc... and the controls kind of suck especially the mouse tracking as has been mentioned.

Also its not hard to kill things (friendly) but there's limited access to "interesting" content .... if you think you'll have fun catching 3 fish per hour for a whole play session cause you're on guildleve CD and tired of grinding boring mobs near a crystal ... then maybe you'll love it ... but thats limited appeal

They really need to re-think their approach in the next few weeks leading up to launch or this games population is gonna crash by mid-October :(

On the bright side the game looks awesome and has real potential if they can implement some more consistent mechanics...

Fan Faire 2010: John Smedley and the SOE crew talk EverQuest Next {Massively}

Aug 8th 2010 4:21PM It sounds like a good idea to me - I played EQ from launch .... Beta tested EQ-II and took a couple toons to 50 ... but rapidly ditched it for WoW's superior diversity and larger raid cap (at the time) and never went back.

I dropped WoW recently cause of the over-the-top "casualization" so this looks like a really appealing kind of hybrid between EQ and WoW.

Too bad it probably won't be out till late 2012-2013.

Lineage readies Season 3, Episode 1 update {Massively}

Jul 26th 2010 9:37PM Lineage 3 - when? That's what we'd like to know.

WAR40K courts 1 million users, WoW players {Massively}

Jul 1st 2010 6:46PM According to Craig Metzen more than 50% of WoW's active players raided during WLK - and when you account for low level alt etc (that was based on actual toons played) that percentage is the vast majority of max level characters.

The mistake of games like WAR and AoC that expect to attract WoW players is not having PvE raid end-game. Its the one thing all of the most successful fantasy MMOs have in common (EQ, EQII, LOTRO, WoW, etc)

Another unfortunate thing working against Warhammer 40K here is timing - going up against FFXIV and SWTOR as well as free-to-play LOTRO and DDO isnt gonna work well for them.

Finally, WoW's 14 million subscribers is a joke number. Currently the best estimates are more like 5 million. Remember they lost China which they were counting as 5-7 million of that 14 even though it was sub-licensed. And anyone who plays knows the population is WAAAAYYYY down right now. On the smaller pop servers you can run around Dalaran without even seeing other players sometimes.

WAR40K courts 1 million users, WoW players {Massively}

Jul 1st 2010 2:15PM No Raiding.

Little character customization at end game.

..... How is this going to be attractive to WoW players again?


Honestly Sony should "re-launch" EQ-II under a different - that would attract a million WoW players ... especially with Activision / Blizzards current trashing of large-scale raiding for Cata.