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BRK fans post a goodbye video {WoW}

Apr 7th 2009 4:44PM I've been reading WowInsider for over a year, and I've never felt even the slightest urge to comment on any story I've read. Until Now.

BRK is, was and always will be one of the sorriest excuses for a hunter to play this game.Yet for some reason, he was seen as the De Facto representative of the hunter class by many people. For a class that already has so much baggage and so many bad stereotypes associated with it, the last thing we needed was a semi-informed, easily amused, self-absorbed blogolodyte like BRK. BRK is something of a standing joke in my guild, in fact, and not just among the hunters. Players of all classes recognize just how bad BRK is, and likely thank their associated deity every night for not blessing them with a BRK of their own.

During his time writing for BRK and Wowinsider, I believe he helped create countless numbers of unrepentantly bad hunters. These are the kind of hunters who think they're amazing, yet have never even bothered to research their own class, or use tools to analyze their performance. Instead, a cult of semi-skilled, "all-knowing" hunters arose around BRK, with him as their unquestioned, revered King. Never mind the factual inaccuracies in his posts, his near-furry affection for his pets and his frivolous, grating series of videos. Nevermind the fact that he has never had any high end raiding experience to speak of, at least not since Vanilla Wow. Forget about all his failings, and join the cult. It's easier that way, trust me.

So I say farewell BRK, I will never forget you, much as might wish to. Your mark on my class of choice has left an indelible stain that is larger and more foreboding than the Dead Scar, and your legacy will be passed down from terrible hunter to terrible hunter for the rest of time.

Oh the humanity.