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AddOn Spotlight: Warrior, rogue, druid, hunter addons {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2010 3:47PM Feral druid Information is out of date.

Feral by Night and Bad kitty are no longer supported. Feral by Night's code is one of the scariest bit of programming I've seen in a while, its what code would look like if you were to finger paint. Bad kitty is just really old.

Ovale is far superior to either of these. I've used all 3, the former two have been stagnant where as the Ovale script has been tweaked and adjusted again and again. Kudos to Murna and all the other people making it so much better over at EJ.

I'm the last one to support doing exactly what the addon tells you, but it is a great suggester if you're trying to pick up a rotation after a quick target swap.

EJ is the place to go for the latest script for Ovale, copy and paste it in through the in game addon UI and you're golden.

25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 2:33AM I see many comments in this thread going back to the "good old days", mostly about what people think what raiding is now to what raiding was back then. Pardon me while I digress.

Molten core, for all but the most hardcore guilds was the equivalent of an in guild PuG. Strategy to an extent was required, but only to a point. What you really needed for a quick clear was 40 warm bodies somewhat capable of listening on vent. I ran them, then I lead them, it was what it was. Lag like most recent players have never seen followed by "class" do this, repeat. Naxx was a challenge, no arguments there, of course I'm going back to vanilla version of Naxx. It was the only 40 man where everyone had to be good. Farm BWL, then AQ20 to get to AQ40 and so on and so on. But I digress.

The real issue is raiding in general in wrath is easy. The re-tuned Naxx is a great place to teach new raiders how to raid. Not only does it make the old raiders cry and stamp their "hardcore" feet into the ground, but it also makes good raiders loose their edge, as it were. Bigger audience, I'm all for it, the more the merrier.

So far this ramble has been a general statement of facts for a little actual background to the game without rose colored glasses or people who just don't know. Now for the opinion portion:

40 people are hard to manage even when the raids required bodies in general. Those who say that people squeaked about 25 man content never saw SSC or TK pre nerf. God awful hard instances, tuned to require a giant step up in skill and organization, lets not even get into execution. T6 was easier by comparison(except council.. damn RNG), but once you'd learned the lessons of T5, it was an attainable goal.

The way it stands now, pretty much anyone who could sail through the original T5 content, Sarth 3D... isn't hard. Don't stand in fire, I know... its an old theme. The issue here however goes back to gear, who deserves what. A 25 man raid is inherently harder due to more people involved than a 10 man. Those that argue differently fail to understand or choose not to remember how hard the tough 25 mans were. With Ulduar, it may just be coming back that way.

It doesn't need to be a casual vs. hardcore thing, it has to do with organization. It is harder to organize more than less. Should the rewards be greater? I have to say resoundingly yes. Same gear, denotes same level of involvement. The first 10 lvl 80's and my guild cleared naxx 10 the first time in. The next 15 who hit... heck even the next 30 who hit 80 and heroic geared... 3 weeks. 3 weeks of painful wipes, teaching new people to raid, teaching how large groups move and interact... and a lot of best intentions falling into fail faster than a tauren mounted in the elevator in UC. A larger pool of players does not provide a higher skill base, quite the opposite truth be known.

Most people have said it but it is the case. If 10 mans give the same loot as 25, 25's die. I would not lead them, or participate. Too many fights where one person can still wipe the lot. One doofus is easy teach/help/replace, 8 is much much harder. People in support of evening the gear playing feild are really only looking how it affects themselves, not what is in the game. "I PuG 25's and they are super easy." Lead them, run your super easy Sarth 25 man 3d and watch 2 healers die every attempt to a wall or void zone, be stacked with dps that can't even respec to replace them. Good times. There's a higher price to be paid, therefore the gear level should correspond.

I apologize for the lack of brevity. Rambling needs to take its sweet sweet time. Its not my intent to snub those who want to see the 10's and 25's gear level even, just provide an alternate point of view.