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Spiritual Guidance: Understanding the recent priest changes {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 5:25PM I really don't understand this position. I'm not a top-of-the-game player. But, I've managed to complete every heroic in well below ilvl 347 gear. And I've had a lot more fun doing it than in Wrath. Heroics are certainly more difficult, but they are not BC hard.

Some of this can be attributed to guild runs, certainly. I have a group of players that I play with regularly, but again, none of us are top-end players. We're all average and enjoying the challenge in Cataclysm content.

Scattered Shots: Grandpappy Frostheim on Ghostcrawler {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 5:41PM You're really bad at math.

So, I'm going with troll. If not, then I suggest you look into the pricing of wow in other markets, any article--either academic or otherwise--about increasing the number of programmers and hoping for more productivity, and how frequently any class in wow has actually been "unplayable".

Updated World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.2 PTR Patch Notes {WoW}

May 12th 2009 10:22AM Ok, I don't play PVP but I'm calling BS on that. My gear is not great, but it's a mix of ilevel 200, 213 and 219 epics. I have two trinkets that proc additional attack power (mirror of truth and the pyrite spell infuser). With both of those trinkets up, my seal of blood procs for, at most, 7k. This is with the Chaotic Skyflare meta. To get a 19K crit, you would need over 10 thousand attack power--that's just not going to happen, no matter your gear.

Nielsen: WoW is most played core game by 25-54 females {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 7:45PM There are 1.8 million people playing WoW in North America, and 11 million worldwide. Nielsen isn't collected data or on, or drawing conclusions about the rest of the world.

Haven't read up on their methodology, but am sure they're using something approximating a stratified random sample. Therefore, a relatively small sample size as compared to the size of the total population does not mean their results are incorrect.