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Arcane Brilliance: Random postpatchery {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 3:17PM It's official, Warlocks have ruined Batman.

Arcane Brilliance: Random postpatchery {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 3:15PM I went for "Blastoise" here too :D
All he needs now are two cannons instead of those bracers, and a nice turtle shell.

Arcane Brilliance: Ruby Sanctum preview - mage edition {WoW}

Jun 19th 2010 5:45PM I think Halion's 0% ability is one which, frankly, I am not jealous of. I'd rather not have people trying to test it out and see what happens. I would, however, like to see [Portal: The Twilight Realm] as a new Mage spell at some point in the future, or even [Teleport: The Twilight Realm]. Fun fun fun.

Also, I didn't think it was possible, but Archmage Pants' columns seem to read even better when read shortly after watching Doctor Who (Matt Smith, perhaps Tennant also? This must be tested).

Blood Pact: Little-known warlock facts {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 3:39PM Haha, brilliant. I salute you, Archmage Pants. Justice has been delivered.

And it tastes like roasted Warlock.

Arcane Brilliance: The end of an era {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 5:54PM Damnit Hobbs, you had me. I literally had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I shouldn't have believed it, not for a second, but I did.
Right up until I decided to click the source link, read the later posts in the thread, and realise that this was all elaborate Warlock trickery, executed by a horrible, horrible man.

Curse you, Hobbs! Curse you, Warlocks! Archmage Pants shall avenge us!

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 6:29AM Alright, I read this earlier on the official forums. It's had time to sink in. I'm still not prepared for the loss of four (or more) spells, but, hey, "giant UFO that shoots lasers".
So now all that's left is for Archmage Pants to evalutate this whole thing.

Arcane Brilliance: Changes to the Fire tree {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 10:05AM I'm a level 60 Fire Mage. I've never set foot in Arcane or Frost, but one person I know keeps nagging me to do so just because he wants to try and prove a point that I didn't argue.
I like Fire, and through pure stubbornness, I'm not planning on respeccing any time soon.
Personally, I prefer the current Impact, because my PvE rotation is probably a bit different to what most people use, and doesn't include as much Fire Blast as it probably should. But it works, which I'm happy with, and having to include Fire Blast more is going to throw it off a bit.

The OverAchiever: Insane in the Membrane {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 10:23PM I want this title so badly!
Shame I'm still in Vanilla, Booty Bay Bruisers would eat me alive and I doubt I would find a group willing to come with me through countless days of Dire Maul and Scholomance, and I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to buy all the librams and junkboxes.

There is no way I could ever get this, it really is beyond insane.