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Red Sox vs Yankees live in Second Life {Second Life Insider}

Sep 9th 2006 7:45PM I wonder if the NYFY will suck in the Metaverse as they do IRL.

Friendliness as a Function of Security {Second Life Insider}

Aug 25th 2006 11:14AM I came for the trivia. I stayed for the 80s music and warm-heartedness.

1.12 Verdict ... It's GOOD! {Second Life Insider}

Aug 25th 2006 9:03AM For some reason, that pic reminds me of that scene in "Superman Returns," where Supes lands the plane in the middle of a baseball game.

Games: Payment Podium {Second Life Insider}

Aug 25th 2006 9:01AM I've only been in SL a little more than a month, and I've become a PP fiend! Sure, it's not like selling clothes or HUDs, etc., but when your programming skills are limited to HTML, AppleScript and Commodore 64 BASIC, it's how I lure my Lindens.

And I've met some really cool people in-world at the Shelter. Many thanks to all the PP hosts. And Travis' avatar cracks me up. Imagine having a game show hosted by Brian the Dog. All he needs, though, is the martini. :-)

As the kids say: ph33r my mad tr1v1a sk1llz...or something like that. See you at the Shelter.

Age play rights and risks {Second Life Insider}

Aug 18th 2006 7:08PM Well, I guess I'm a "bigot" then. Again, too bad.

Age play rights and risks {Second Life Insider}

Aug 18th 2006 5:41PM Excuse me, Malky..."anti-pedophilia bigotry?" When pedophiles act on their impulses, they are not only manipulating a child, they are engaging in harmful behavior that scars said child psychically, emotionally and almost always physically. It is NOT a "kink." BDSM, D/s, transvestism, etc. are kinks. Having sex in a non-consensual relationship with a pre-sexual, developmentally immature human being is immoral and illegal (at least in the United States and most other places I can think of in North America, South America and Western Europe).

Playing these pedophilic fantasies in SL is not like playing in the aforementioned sci-fi space navy. If you want to play "Star Trek," fine by me. Join my club (I mean it...join my club, SL STARFLEET). If you want to ageplay, keep it away from all lives, First *and* Second.

My paternalistic instincts to kick in when it comes to harming a child. If you don't like what I have to say, well...too bad.

Resident Snapshot: AllieKat Stovall {Second Life Insider}

Aug 15th 2006 12:32PM What Reina said!

Extra"Ordinary World": Duran Duran in SL {Second Life Insider}

Aug 7th 2006 5:56PM I'm all over this one! Duran Duran has been one of my favorite bands since around 1983. And you're right, Rik: TBMG would be a natural for SL. I'd love to see them take the plunge.

Let's see if DD's avatars look like how they looked back in the "Girls on Film" video. :)