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Varian Wrynn is Right {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 10:28PM PLEASE....

Lets look at another figure in the Warcraft universe... THRALL.

Thrall was born and abducted by a human who treated the boy like filth. He forced him to be his slave and then to be a gladiator. Thrall was strong in battle... but forced against his will to do it. Thrall even was forced to fight in a match he shouldn't have been able to win... with opponents coming wave after wave. His best friends head was thrown at him for crying out loud.

With all that, Thrall still turned out to be a man who still had the capacity to give another human a chance (Jaina) and even fought by her side and protected her.

Thrall had every reason to destroy humans and be an ignorant racist, but he turned out to be a force of change for the horde... who grew through his leadership.

Using symbols to unify a people isn't uncommon, unheard of or stupid... it is intelligent.

Your poor little rich boy tale basically tries to justifies this Ignorant rampant racist. He was a friggin Prince. His ancestors had used the same tactics to gain their kingdom as the horde did when they invaded. Sure the abilities were different but that is how kingdoms come about.... by CONQUERING another nation or people. Peace when it comes to land and resources or power is short. So even if the Orcs hadn't invaded you have to imagine the Humans would've been at each others throats soon enough.

So you can keep your ignorant support of a bigot. Just shows what Warcraft Humans love so much... Hate.

Patch 3.1 user interface changes roundup {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 3:53PM Finally maps of instances.... and only 5 years in :)