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The aesthetic consequences of new character models {WoW}

Jan 24th 2012 3:39AM "I suppose there might be some way to make the armor model automatically adjust itself to fit each body type or something"

@Cennic, its fairly simple. Just make the scale the adjusts the body type dimensions by a specific ratio, then use the adjusted values from the ratio to adjust the armor fit.

Here is a simple analogy: You have a box with the dimensions of 10x5x20. Then you adjust the values to make it larger, to 20x10x40, and use that ratio(in this case, double the original value) to determine how to adjust the armor. I could do it with five lines of code and maybe three or four reference lines, not really all that complicated frankly.

As to the topic, I would LOVE to see the ability to adjust my characters musculature and body type. My undead characters look anorexic, yet my tauren and dwarf characters look portly. I want my undead to look thin, yes, but not match sticks, and I want to actually make a tauren that is Muscular...without the beer belly.

And though this may not be an option(given blizz would need to redesign SO many doorways) I would Love to see the ability to adjust my character's height. I am tall in RL, and I hate running around on a gnome/dwarf and seeing characters so much larger than's just so disconcerting. I am not talking anything extreme, but a 2ft gnome is a little All of the taller races however should be given the option to increase and decrease their height. Right now Tauren are about 7ft tall, and that seems about right for tauren, but humans are Maybe 5ft tall, and that's just a little weird frankly.

Also, I want a Orc that can Stand Up Straight! Trolls I can understand, but Orc's should be capable of standing up, undead as well.

I would also add in more customization options for the character skins, not just colors and tones, but also patterns like Night elf tattoos. Just about any race with Skin(and even those with fur can conceivably have it dyed) should be able to get body and face tattoos for further customization. Tan lines too.

My last request....get rid of the Burlap underwear!!! I don't mean let characters go around butt naked, but at least make the underwear model look better or be customizable in some way.

Know Your Lore: Where is WoW's story headed in the distant future? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 12:19AM @Hal:
I doubt the alliance would use a WMD. The radiation released into Gnomeregan to kill the toggs was from the reactors in the tunnels and mines below the city. I think it more likely that they would drop some bombs onto Undercity, damaging it, but not destroying it.

I think it more likely, as this article suggests, that the Horde will ally with the Blackrock clan, and will then invade(my guess would be anyway) Khaz Modan, in order to connect the territories controlled by the Horde in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. That would, most likely, lead to a full unification of the Dwarves and a new war, likely across Badlands/Loch Modan/Arathi Highlands. It would reshape the power of the entire continent.

Were I king Wrynn, I would consolidate on the EK, hunker down behind my defenses(hey, Ironforge is surrounded by a natural, mountainous fortress, the campaign needed to take it would need to be HUGE), then move over to Kalimdor, retake Ashenvale, Darkshore, Felwood, Stonalton and Desolace. That would apply the same pressure on the Horde that was just applied to the Alliance, and result in the ongoing stalemate between the factions.

However, in agreement with you, I do think Sylvanas's days as leader of the Forsaken are numbered. Either Garrosh will kill her(more likely I think Bane will do it, not Garrosh, but maybe under Garrosh's orders) or she will be banished, and will take a good portion of her loyalists in the Forsaken and(my bet) take over Harthenglen, as the new Lich Queen. Although, I wouldn't count her missing sister reappearing and either talking her down, or killing her(my money is on killing her, Sylvanas's sister is supposed to be a VERY powerful mage, the equal to Khadgar's power), either way, its time for her to start coming back into the fold.

Also, kinda weird I know, but I found something...weird while going around in Feralas, a random gray book drop...written by Vholkahn, a Warlock of "the True Horde," and that he was actually a person of high station among the "False Horde." It would be my bet that the Shadow Council will play a Big role in MoP.

Another person making an appearance, I think, will be Mendiv. He has been in hiding somewhere, most people thought in a hidden room in Kharazhan, but maybe he fled to Pandaria, where he could live in peace, among beings that might be more sympathetic to his ... unusual plight. A Gaurdian of his power, near unbridled, could most certainly add a new twist to the game, one most needed.

Dev Watercooler: Cataclysm talent tree post-mortem {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 12:58PM "Mastery integrates into the trees well."

Im calling BS on this one, sure some masteries work fairly well with how a tree functions(disc priest mastery is an example, albit a circumstantial one, I will use this as an example) however others an require a complete changing in how a spec is played to receive anywhere near full benefit(disc priest mastery again, speaking of bubble botting) and others can be downright useless to how a spec is played(disc priest mastery again, assuming you only cast PW:S for the borrowed time proc and use direct healing over preventative, and even then, preventative gets such small bonuses from the mastery anyway, crit or even haste might be arguably better, preferable i choose crit for the double sized DA proc on PoH).

"though to be fair, not all yet"

Once again, calling BS here, if the devs want mastery to be something attractive to all classes and specs, then either give them a mastery that is a flat buff to a key aspect of the spec(disc priest mastery) or something that is a nice proc to the spec(holy priest mastery) but neither of which completely make or break the spec, otherwise you just end up with players under valuing other potential secondary stats that improve how the spec works overall(Disc priest and crit(DA) and holy priests and haste(renew spam)). So, basically what I am saying, while beating around the bush about it, is make mastery have baseline amounts found on gear, as your ilevel improves so does your mastery, and continue to have mastery trinkets and gems available, so as to make getting additional mastery possible, but not forcing a choice between 3+ stats on raiding gear, and overall making balancing between stats, and classes, simpler.

Patch 4.2 PTR notes for May 10 {WoW}

May 11th 2011 1:01PM I already do this, spirit provides only about a third of my in combat regen now, crit fills in the rest.

It will also change, SIGNIFICATLY so, how the benefit of the shaman mastery weighs against crit, probably will change the name of the game on crit vs. mastery finally.

The Queue: Huggbees {WoW}

May 9th 2011 12:01PM @loop, Thunderaan was the herald of Al'Akir, basically his champion, his right hand, and also his protector.

@Sinthar: The definition of an "elemental plane" is essentially a different dimension within each different planet BUT also linked to each of the other elemental planes on each planet(example, Lady Vashj pissed off Neptulon by trying to steal his power in SSC, which is in Outland, not Azeroth). However on Azeroth alone there is at least a 5th elemental plane, the Emerald Dream, Elemental plane of Life, which is controlled by Yersa.

I don't know about quasi elemental planes, however if you think about it, most of the "quasi" elementals are just one form or another of elemental that has been changed by a different element(for example, magma elementals are melted Earth elementals, boiling elementals are boiling water elementals, mud elementals are earth elementals that absorbed water, etc.)

As for the Light and Dark elemental planes, the Dark elemental plane is essentially the twisting nether, which is raw arcane energy currently controlled by a dark force(the burning legion). And the Light elemental plane is not really a different dimension like the others, it is just a permeating energy field that beings like the Naaru have been able to channel, same for paladins and Priests.

Breakfast Topic: Your very own NPC {WoW}

May 3rd 2011 12:04PM I am rather lucky actually...Ive got a Raid Boss named after me...hehehehe.

Gold Capped: Earning gold for absolute beginners {WoW}

Apr 21st 2011 5:18PM Surprisingly enough, the best money making profession I have noticed for a high lvl(75+) character is actually enchanting.

Now, I know what you all are thinking, its a pain in the arse to level up, however if you can get it high enough(AT LEAST 300+) then you are capable of learning all vanilla enchants and DEing all vanilla blue/green/purple drops. What I did on my mage(my main enchanter) is browse around for the best enchants that sell for BoE items, get the recipes for them, and then go out and farm the mate for them, DEing all green and blue drops, and making frequent trips to vendors to sell everything else. On my realm, the +22 intel to weapon enchant goes for between 400-800g(the main one that I sell) and the others sell for around the same(crusader and +agility enchants are popular like you wouldn't BELIEVE). Selling those for a few weeks should net you around 20-30k gold(assuming you farm the mats for them almost constantly, however BRS still drops all the mats needed for most enchants and has TONS of trash in it, which has the best green item drop chance).

Next you will want to tackle the enchanting mats world, I suggest getting a bank alt with a GB tab or two free and ready to accept all the excess enchanting mats from strange dust to heavy shards that you pickup in your travels. Blitzing thru low lvl instances in 15-20 min or so and DEing all the greens and blues will get you massive amounts of these mats(Note, unlike above, don't start saving all the random loot from trash in low lvl places untill you start going into BRD and above, save cloth tho, sell it on the AH or make it into bandages to vendor( heavy neatherweave bandages and up, runecloth will barely break even so selling the raw cloth is better)). Once you get tired of vanilla places(and are 80+) you next can move onto outland instances, Shadow Labs, Magisters Terrace, Steamvault, Mechinar, Botanica and Arcatraz all have the highest lvl greens to DE and as a result, give more mats per DE. I do not suggest moving onto the heroic versions of those places until you are geared in ilvl346+ lvl 85 gear(and are lvl 85 of course) however they have slightly(like 5%) higher drop rates of greens. Getting a stockpile of these mats and dumping them on the AH all at once(pick a time in the middle of the week, at least 48 hours after 12am Monday to avoid the weekenders, I post auctions on Wednesday afternoon) can net you massive amounts of gold all in just a few days as your auctions are all bought up.

Enchanting is hands down my favorite way of getting gold, simply because it is just so EASY to farm the mats/enchants so many need for their twinks/alts, and that doesn't include the secondary money you can make off of selling vendor trash once you are farming BRD-UK/Nexus. Also, if you have a BS or a BS friend, make(or have your friend) make a bunch of the diff lvl rods and sell them on the AH, because quite frequently no one has any up for sale on the AH, making the ones you post highly desirable.

How lag forced me to play a little differently {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 9:15PM Been playing for over 5 years now with lagg in the 2-4k+ mark, and honestly, it isnt that bad, you just need to predict what can happen(one of the reasons why I HATE healing avoidance tanks, too spiky, but w/e) and be ready to compensate for your lagg. Addons such as Quartz are Amazing, especially for a caster, and can be configured to assist with melee too.

Disconnecting however can be a pain, just making sure your raid knows that it might happen will allow them to be ready to compensate for your d/c.

Trust me, the overwhelming majority of wow players will complain about 200 ms....then I say I am at 4400 and they shut up on the spot, hell, I even healed back in Vanilla a naxx 40 run at over 11,000(yep, 11 Thousand) ms and did just fine, and that isnt even my record. I remember over 32,000 ms occasionally in dalaran during wrath, and even the occasional 20kish for some raids, however such spikes never really lasted long after I got my new computer, but they still happened.

My recommendation for anyone with latency troubles is to download Quartz ASAP and learn how to use it, DBM can help somewhat too, however its timers are easily messed up by lagg, so DONT rely on them if you don't absolutely have to. Also, for Vent/Team speak users, if you can convince your guild to use a conference call system then that will reduce your latency in raids by ALOT, however unless they have unlimited talk, it can get kinda spendy for some so this is an option of last resort. Oh, and you would be surprised by the number of ppl who run Auctioneer, Gatherer and other large footprint addons while raiding, if you have latency issues, and if you are running even one of these, it could possibly be a contributing factor, so turn it off before raiding.

Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler talks critical hits (and misses) {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 4:29PM Well this would end the Crit vs. Mastery debate for resto shaman once and for all. Right now, without the +3% to crit meta, our crits on single target heals do 195% normal healing, making 200% standard for healing crits would up that to 260%, placing mastery in a close second until higher levels, something that I have advocated for passionately because of how situational our mastery is, but the majority of resto shaman raiders rely on it....this would put to rest the belief that crit isnt goodfor resto shaman...until someone tries to change it again with fixed theorycrafting results, which happens 9 times out of 10 in my experience.

Drama Mamas: Raiding deaf {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 9:31PM @cody
lol, sorry for the confusion

My realm is just a little more organized than some. Ive played on some realms that have zero organization and others that had one Super guild in control of everything with a dictator for a GM, every realm is different, hell, even the factions on a realm can be wildly different from each other.