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The Daily Grind: Do you prefer open or closed chat? {Massively}

Mar 24th 2012 8:30AM You could always play Rift. Two factions, unlimited talking. ;)

Cross-faction chat, auction houses, and email are some of the things I believe Trion Worlds got right. It always bothered the heck out of me that orc NPCs could give me quests, but orc players couldn't speak to my human paladin.

But maybe that's just the roleplayer in me...

The Daily Grind: Do you expect a roleplaying server to be policed? {Massively}

Mar 18th 2012 12:41PM I very much liked Irem's comparison to a Ren-Faire. Spot on!

I think there are two kinds of people who actively RP. Those who RP within a guild and those who RP with the larger community. I have noticed something in WoW -- RP is alive and well within the mega-guilds. You log on to the Moon Guard server and you would swear in court that NO ONE RPs there. You don't see it in Stormwind, you don't see it ANYWHERE.

However, if I watch over my son's shoulder as he's in a League of Lordaeron event, you would swear just as readily that EVERYONE RPs. They organize MASSIVE events, both within their guild and between their guild and other RP mega-guilds. The League is a max level guild with over 200 accounts in it and is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. They organize events months in advance, they have a leadership council that handles all decision making, and their highest goal is to RP.

So, what's happening here is that the RP mega-guilds are policing the RP within themselves. The RP community has gone underground. If you get plugged in, it is a very different experience than if you wander about hoping to meet a friendly traveler in your adventures.

Should it be this way? In a perfect world, no. But when customer service cannot or will not police RP servers for people who are breaking the immersion, then what other choice do players have?

Those players who are content to RP inside the safe confines of a guild find happiness no matter what the server is like generally. Those who cannot, who want Utopia and are willing to settle for nothing less, find themselves in a much different situation with a much different level of happiness.

Leaderboard: Lockboxes yea vs. lockboxes nay {Massively}

Feb 28th 2012 12:00PM I WANT GAME FOR FREE! "Well, okay, you can have a free to play MMORPG, but servers, bandwidth, and staff cost money, so we have to figure a way of earning some." I WANT GAME FOR FREEEEEE-EEEEE! "Yes, we heard you the first time. Okay, here's what we have. There's a cash shop that'll let you buy some useful things for as much or as little as you want to spend." I NOT SPEND! I WANT GAME FOR FREE! "This isn't working out. Fine. Here's this incredibly shiny thing you want, and we're going to stick it in these boxes. To open a box, you either have to do a bunch of work in game, or buy a key in the cash shop." OMG, I HATE U SO MUCH! I WANT GAME FOR FREE! GIVE SHINY FOR FREE! "We regret to inform you that Free MMORPG You Never Supported will be closing its servers next month. We're sorry we were unable to keep going, but you're cheap so you have no one to blame buy yourselves." I KNEW IT! F2P SUX! GIVE ME GAME FREE! "We're going to develop some console shooters now. Thanks for playing."

The Daily Grind: Are you a fan of account-wide rewards? {Massively}

Feb 24th 2012 10:06AM @Noviere I agree completely, I am an altaholic and I VERY much appreciate account-wide rewards!

The Daily Grind: Are heirloom items bad for MMOs? {Massively}

Feb 20th 2012 6:17PM @aurickle ... This ^

That entire blog post assumes that ANY player, ANYWHERE was actually SEEKING to buy a low-level crafted item. Completely untrue. Players craft for one of three reasons: 1) they're a bit obsessive and they like fiddling with gathering mats and making things, 2) they're looking forward to the end game where SOME professions are useful, or 3) they are making things for their own use because they don't yet have heirlooms.

If Blizzard wants to support crafters, the place to start is to make crafted items just a bit better than the drops of the same relative level. Otherwise, it's less time and effort to get gear that way. Make it worthwhile, and they will come!

The Daily Grind: What MMO do you regret leaving? {Massively}

Feb 17th 2012 11:51AM Perhaps the question could be asked "Which MMO do you miss?" Because I don't know that I REGRET leaving. If I left, there was a reason. No one has ever forced me to leave an MMO.

The MMO I keep thinking about is my first one, Dark Age of Camelot. I know, I know, it's still running. Honestly, I might still play it if it weren't for the user interface. As I've aged, my eyesight has become less good. I end up scaling up the UI, or at least the fonts, in the games I play. DAoC's UI was ancient and didn't support anything like that.

At my worst level of MMO addiction, I was paying for six DAoC accounts, two WoW accounts, and two City of Heroes accounts at the same time. Damn good thing I was employed, eh? XD

I've whittled it down to where I now pay for three WoW accounts (one for me, one each for two children) and one RIFT account. I bought SWTOR and a 60 day game card, but I'm not going to sub to that game.

I probably would add a DAoC account to that list still, just for some time basking in nostalgia, if I could read their screens.

Activists target SWTOR's future same-gender romances {Massively}

Jan 27th 2012 7:32PM @Muloktoo

Well, I suppose we have to decide what "rise up and protest their hateful ways" means. I personally don't believe you accomplish anything by adopting their tactics, except to present yourself as the same kind of person THEY are...just on the other side.

Activists target SWTOR's future same-gender romances {Massively}

Jan 27th 2012 6:55PM Not sure what the point of having comments open on this thread is. I guess just to give people space to vent their outrage over what the FRC is saying. If that's useful, then go right ahead. I think it's just wasted time, and when the posts become hateful and threatening, it provides great material for the FRC's next brochure. They are misguided and their opinions on this matter will not sway BioWare one iota, nor prevent anyone who might have otherwise purchased the game from doing so. It will not make one single gay person turn straight, one single straight person turn gay, one single atheist into a believer, or one single christian into a doubter.

Absolutely NOTHING will change because the FRC hates same-sex relationships with companions in SWTOR. Nothing. Just shake your heads at them and move along...there's nothing to see here.

Which matters more, graphics or gameplay? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2012 6:15PM Most of the anti-Rift sentiment that I see is from people who say things like "tried Rift, got to level 10 before I got bored." Or, "go roll a character and see how empty the world is."

Here's a Rift pro-tip from someone who has three level 50s in that game (and five level 85s in WoW...AND apparently from all of that, no freaking life to speak of). Rift has far less reason to level an alt than any other MMORPG I have EVER PLAYED.

The soul system is VERY flexible and the ability to have FIVE roles (specs) per character completely removes the need for me to roll an alt. If I want to play a holy paladin, a prot paladin, and a ret paladin in WoW - that takes two paladins or a lot of respeccing. In Rift, it takes one cleric, and I can have a 5-man healer spec and a raid healer spec, plus a PVP spec all tossed in for fun.

What that means is, everyone who is at 50 ISN'T rolling alts. Since leveling in Rift is meteoric fast, that means the world DOES look empty for low level characters.

I bought a copy of SW:TOR also. Rolled a Jedi. On launch day, starter world was PACKED. Couldn't swing a stick without hitting acres of Jedi-newbies. Played my Jedi for a while, then rolled a Sith. Played that for a LONGER while, then decided to come back and roll the Jedi "Knight" (instead of the caster-ish Consular), which put me back on the Jedi starter world, just ten days or so after launch. Had you asked me THEN, I would've sworn no one was playing TOR. The world was empty. Now, as soon as I got to the second planet, crowds picked up again.

My point is, WoW is sort of unique in how populated the starter zones have remained. I guess that's because people never get tired of rolling level one alts with stupid names and dancing naked in Goldshire.

Having said all of that, Rift has become my "alt-game," that I play when I need a break from WoW. (When my game card runs out in TOR, I'm done there. I don't like it.) I played Rift exclusively for about 6 months, even suspended my WoW accounts for a while. But what brought me back to WoW was exactly what this article is talking about!

I missed fishing and cooking, and all the other "fiddly" stuff that WoW lets me do. I missed a useful and interesting Auction House. I missed the quest variety (both Rift and TOR have the most amazingly BORING quest design - playing them caused me to regard the WoW devs MUCH more highly).

I missed the depth of WoW. There's just a lot more to do, here.

SWTOR UK sales take a dive {Massively}

Jan 3rd 2012 7:04PM I bought SWTOR and a 60 day game card. I will easily get 90 days of enjoyment out of it, but I suspect I won't stick around beyond that. Everyone I know personally who was looking forward to this game pre-ordered it. If I know you're a Star Wars fan, I'd recommend you buy the game. If you're looking for a great MMO, I wouldn't recommend SWTOR.

If sales drop off sharply, perhaps I'm not alone in those opinions.