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Blue Posts: Ghostcrawler on bear damage, tanking philosophy {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 6:38AM He doesn't ignore the point. He addresses it in two ways -- first, by noting that the damage component is indeed too low and will be corrected, and secondly by explaining how they want the bear mechanics to work in this regard. If your argument is that his response doesn't say, "You know, you're right -- we've failed to completely homogenize bears so they work identically to those other classes, you're right, and we'll fix that so they're just furry warriors," you're absolutely right, he doesn't do that. But that's a good thing...

Blood Pact: Some advice for newbie affliction warlocks {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:59PM Curse of Doom didn't used to be a dot at all. When it became Bane of Doom, it acquired some dot-like mechanics, delivering damage in several bits rather than all at once like it used to, but it's still not a "real" DoT. The mechanics differ significantly.

Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:20PM Yeah, glyph vendors occasionally appear on the PTR as well. They're there because it's impossible to test the new glyphs without them, not because Blizzard has gone bonkers and decided to obsolete and entire profession.

Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:16PM @wow: Yes, you're way off base. If the new glyph has the same ID as an old one, the item is simply transformed, because it's not really a new glyph in that case, it's just the new version of the old glyph; even if the old version was "Glyph of Hot Fireballs" and the new one is "Glyph of Tasty Popsicles", as far as the game is concerned, it's the same glyph.

This is the most bizarre and entertaining Dave Kosak interview ever {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 5:07AM Old Blanchy did, in fact, survive the Cataclysm. The equicide occurred after...

It's also blantantly obvious that Metzen was joking when making the comment. "No corner of the world left untouched --well, except maybe Westfall. Old Blanchy, y'know, she's 'core." Obviously Westfall wasn't untouched either. The whole "except Westfall" part onward is obviously in jest.

Arcane Brilliance: What the MoP beta means for arcane mages {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 4:58PM It's not that people are confusing "top spec" with "viable", it's that there are multiple senses of "viable". You're using "viable" in the sense of "capable of doing the job well", whereas most people use it in the sense of "capable of being selected by the raid leader for inclusion". The spec is not viable in the second sense, making it practically not viable in the first, despite being theoretically viable in the first sense, since in practice you do no DPS at all while you're standing around town listening to the Fire and Arcane mages having fun on the raid and wishing that could be you.

Arcane Brilliance: What the MoP beta means for arcane mages {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 4:41PM It kinda doesn't matter if it is or isn't right now. They're still working on rotations and haven't tweaked damage numbers yet. DPS numbers on any spec on the beta right now are pretty much meaningless.

Warlock's green fire is not coming at release in MoP, no timetable {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 5:25PM "Think about it: Glyphs of Stars, the Orca, the Chameleon, and the Stag all took a LOT of work..."

Sorry, but this proves false your previous statement, "I understand that." You clearly didn't, since the point of the post you claim to have understood was that those glyphs did not, in fact, take a lot of work.

The Queue: Professor Oak {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 5:15PM @faytforsaken: Youhavenoideawhatitsliketobeagnomewithyourmindracingamilliontimesfasterthatalltheslowpeoplearoundyou!

EVE Online's The Mittani issues formal apology for crossing the line [UPDATED] {Massively}

Mar 27th 2012 4:30AM @Yog "If you know you're a jackass while you drink..." lol... they're Goons. They pride themselves on being jackasses when sober.