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Raid Rx: Healing heroic Northrend Beasts {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 9:48AM Healing this fight is reasonably trivial from my experience, there are a few things that obviously this article washes over because its written by someone with a moderate experience of the fight from what I can tell and goes on rumours from people in their guild most likely.

Gormok: a) either have priests keep levitate up, its a perfectly viable strategy in 25 man since the dps requirement to get gormok down before the worms appear is reasonably low, this simply means the fire doesn't spawn but you take the initial damage, simply re-applying levitate to the person and surrounding person and theres no fear from people dying due to being slow to run out

b) If you get targetted by snobolds as a healer, the first thing is you should probably time about 10 seconds in between kicks, if you happen to be a priest/shaman you can cast mind blast/shadow word death to make sure you don't get locked out of your healing schools, as a paladin its best to pop aura mastery pretty much immediately in which you should gain about 20 seconds of cast time. The next step is to move in range of all your range dps, simply put its a hell of alot quicker for ranged dps to burn your snobold down and if you aren't in range of all of them, well your going to be locked out for a while.

c) Healing the tanks is rather simple as long as you have some sort of debuff tracker on the tank, Usually I'm a paladin healing this fight with a secondary paladin and we use 3 tanks simply for a much smoother phase 2, I keep beacon on the current tank and the other paladin keeps beacon on the weakest tank, usually the dk or the warrior. Then we have a disc priest keep the physical damage reduction buff on the tanks and thats the tank healing set really. With a levitate strategy there is almost 0 raid damage in p1 and its best for druids to keep hots on the tanks.

Not One but Two Jormungars:

a) Positioning is all important here, you don't want more than 2-3 people getting burning bile or paralytic toxin, simply put tracking these debuffs is essential. We tend to set up with our healers in the middle and the ranged spread around the outside, we split our melee in half and 2 per side so only 2 can be hit by the debuff at the same time, as long as you don't have bad tanks keeping 2 per side, much like thorim is easily possible. This then means the worst that can happen in this phase in terms of dps dying is the melee on the stationary target get a whirl and then the stationary target hits out his debuff and (if unlucky) can hit 6 people) this is the perfect time for paladins to work out a divine sacrifice rotation and pop it every time this occurs, along with a fire resist aura mastery if burning bile is the affliction.

b) We use 3 tanks primarily for this phase, this means we have 1 tank dedicated to each mob, each with a beacon on them (since beacon has a 60 yard range that target is always covered) and the third tank always goes on the moveable mob. When the first tank gets the debuff the second tank taunts off and the first tank either goes to free others if the moveable mob is dreadscale or waits to be freed if the movable mob is acidmaw. This provides a dps increase for 2 reasons. 1) it means nobody needs to move if dreadscale is the moveable mob 2) It minimises people running around crazily wondering who they need to cleanse/be cleansed by (yes I know as a healer/dps if you get the debuff you run to the tank, but people still don't seem to catch this fact).

c) Healing wise, 1 paladin per tank (pairs of tanks), 1 disc priest keeping physical damage reduction buff on the tanks tanking the moveable mob. Raid healers heal the debuff with spot heals by the paladins. Again, the only real time some people take real damage is if the stationary mob whirls and does its special spit, otherwise the healing is relatively small.

Obviously Acidmaw is taken down first, however you can time this (since dreadscale always submerges before acidmaw) so that acidmaw dies as dreadscale is submerged, this stops dreadscale from enraging and can allow healers some downtime to prepare for Icehowl.


a) Again Positioning is what wins the day here, Melee in 2 groups of 4-5 at icehowls rear along with the spare tanks. Healers/Ranged Spread evenly in Front of Icehowl but far enough away so that they don't hit swirl. Putting 1 healer behind each of the melee groups can be advisable so they are topped up before the massive crash if it occurs right after the whirl.

However, One can argue that its better to tank him against the wall and have melee spread out in front of him, since he isn't parry-hastable, to increase their dps uptime since they dont get hit back by whirl and meaning its much easier to heal them.

b) Healing wise theres relatively little to heal here again apart from the burst of ferocious butt and making sure everyone is topped up before a massive crash. Using aura mastery and frost resist aura is a good idea if lots of people get targetted by the frozen breath and using divine sacrifice (if you have left from phase 2) if people are low before a massive crash is also a good use of the cooldown. The Crash itself is best spent by a holy paladin regenning mana by meleeing the boss with seal of wisdom is up and moving in front so that he will be in range of the tank after the whirl comes. For other healers prehotting the tanks and using mana regen cooldowns, or indeed laying some dots/dps onto icehowl is a good idea in this phase.

Personally we don't use bloodlust/heroism since wednesdays and thursdays on our server means whenever you pop heroism one tends to get server lag, however if you can use it its definitly best to use it in p3 since this is the only part which is tight on enrage, especially if you've lost some dps in p2.

I've healed this from a paladin perspective, probably quite obviously from the article, however the only difficulties I have in the fight is in p2 when 4-5 people get bile/toxin and people panic, otherwise the healing is quite light, especially using 3 tanks since you only get 2 stacks of the impale and people have toxin debuff is very minimalised and the only danger is burning bile really.

UPDATE: Blood of Gladiators Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 4:35AM Phat loot pl0x