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Curse, WoW Interface band together to block WoWMatrix {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 1:01PM Ermm ok, so places such Yahoo, MSN, Google can co-operate and create cross-communication and business amongst themselves so why not sites like these... instead of competing why don't they get together and work together to make one global top notch addon site and client - the current economic client says they should do that instead of working against each other...

I just hope "loyal developers" who develop for "the wow player" will see the benefit of wowmatrix(.com) and go direct to them to give them updated info.

When I run (ermm ran it until yesterday when it still worked) wowmatrix was scanning for like 15-20 seconds only. Any person who know databases, knows that data mining is not bandwidth intensive (as claimed) or else NONE of the companies like Yahoo/MSN/Google would use it for their billions of records. Lets see, wowmatrix got 1800 entries so how much bandwidth can scanning for updates taking just 15-20 seconds take up. Please tell the real facts and not just make idle claims of bandwidth guzzling.

Also I've used Curse before. And the numerous times it 1) downloads wrong version, 2) doesn't update an addon (which caused problems at raids), 3) slowed my internet down so much that my ISP would disconnect me from the internet (YES! This was Curse that did this to me - - NEVER had that happen with Wowmatrix), 4) Curse website is a mess as you can never find any addons properly (I think the people doing that site had an original concept, then it grew and then outgrew them which means it doesn't work anymore in the current format as it is now - - and YES! I have used Curse site for a year before I was introduced to the easy to use Wowmatrix), 5) don't even start me on the Curse Client - - first off: trying to download it (the site won't let me download it for over a month eventho I am registered) - secondly: I install it and it gets flags as being FULL of spyware by Spybot!!! I do not know if this is the case but if you're going to offer an addon download client DO NOT stick it full of code that can be read by spyware software as spyware - thirdly: it had problems with recognising my firewall! (not just the current one I use but about 7 other ones I have had installed too).

I don't have time to go thrawling thru Curse website to check that the Curse client IS downloading the correct addon update. I had times with it where I got say version 1.5 of something installed and checking for addons results in Curse client updating it to version 1.2 (Helllooo!!! what's this all about).

Anyway, unblock Wowmatrix as I don't think you are in any position to warrant your claims and all you do is alienate WoW players from your own sites, and even worse you may alienate the DEVELOPERS who used Wowmatrix AS WELL to reach a wider audience!!!!!!!!

Nuff said....