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WoW Moviewatch: Soulbound {WoW}

Jan 30th 2012 5:57PM I liked "Achievement Whore" that she was in...she is definitely a cute girl, but I couldn't listen to more than the first few seconds of this. Maybe it's better with the sound off.

Robert's not-so-original WoW miscellany {WoW}

Jan 24th 2012 10:16PM Immensely enjoyed this! Please continue to do these!

Patch 4.3: Worgen racial mounts {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 5:59PM @ Relmatos


...I kinda want a horse-drawn carriage... your toon could drive it and someone could ride with you! Of course, that would be unfair to horde, but even if you could only drive yourself that would be awesome. I loved that new questline through Eastern Plaguelands.

Patch 4.3: Worgen racial mounts {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 5:54PM @ Natsumi

You forgot a few:
-the White Hawkstrider (which is a drop, but the drop rate isn't bad),
-Blue Protodrake (drop is pretty bad)
-the AQ mounts (all but 1 drop constantly--and yeah, you can't use them outside but they still count)
-Headless Horseman (drop is way better now)
-2 Brewfest mounts (fairly decent drop rate)
-Violet Protodrake from holiday achieve

I understand these are somewhat rare drops, but most mount collectors have all or most of these.

Breakfast Topic: Have you found any "secret" locations? {WoW}

Jul 24th 2011 8:06PM What's weird about this place is that the cabin behind him is trashed and there are humanoid skeletons all over the floor. Makes you wonder if there were more than 2 sentinels....

Spiritual Guidance: Raid and pre-raid gear in patch 4.2 for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

Jul 4th 2011 7:40PM So basically there are 16 new pieces of spirit gear for priests (7 from badges, 2 Avengers rep, 5 FL drops--counting 2 tier, and 2 from tailoring), only 5 of which are from the new raid content. That's about 31%. If we equip everything FL has to offer in terms of spirit gear (which isn't even possible due to overlaps), it will comprise less than a third of our gear. How effed up is that?

Now, granted--in order to get the Avengers rep and living embers needed for tailoring, we still need to raid (though we don't even have to down a boss to get the rep). Something about this seems very off here--I mean the fact that we will need rep, badges, and tailoring to get almost 70% of the spirit gear available is ridiculous. Well priests...guess we should start farming badges.

WoW Moviewatch: Meet the Hunter {WoW}

Jun 24th 2011 4:24PM Hunter weapon.... hunter weapon....

Breakfast Topic: Has your perspective of Azeroth changed over time? {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 2:11PM I can understand taking comfort in old quest lines, but I don't feel the same way. I leveled a worgen through the zones I had already gone through on other characters, and I found the difference refreshing. Everything is SO much more organized and less chaotic. You get a round of 3 or 4 quests that are all in the same vicinity, do them at the same time, turn them in, and get a fresh round. Plus the quests feel so much more dynamic, and I LOVE phasing. Of course, once I got to Outlands, well...questing there is still pretty nasty comparatively--you get like 15 quest lines at a time and they're all spread across the map.

Breakfast Topic: Has your perspective of Azeroth changed over time? {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 9:11AM I feel exactly the same way as the column writer (Peter). I had such a sense of wonder, awe, and smallness in the world. I remember when I started questing in Duskwood I was legitimately freaked out, having never encountered anything like that in Teldrassil, Westfall, and Redridge. When I got to the Plaguelands, my mind was filled with images of "what if something like this happened to me and my loved ones" and it was with a sense of great respect and mournfulness that I did the quests to hopefully help heal the area.

When I finally got my first mount at level 30, I could only buy one mount, so I chose the striped frostsaber, and it was the only mount I had until level 60. I have never, and will never again, feel such a connection to a mount. We were like a pair of adventurous old friends by level 60, and I hated saying goodbye to ride a faster mount. Now, my character has almost 100 mounts, and they are....well...just mounts.