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Ask Mr. Robot: What gear should you get? {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 4:31AM Yeah it is. Perhaps I'm just getting cheesed off with the whole thing.

I think your assuming I haven't raided. I was maxxed out gear wise for 3 characters (at least up to Ruby Sanctum) drops, and these characters have been pretty much maxxed since back to patch 2.4 Sunwell. I raid 2-3 times a week, and have done for 6 years

I've done all the stats, worked out maxxing damage mitigation, and sometimes DPS, or burst healing for my preist - and every other stat and equipment relationship I can think of.

I'm just bored of doing it. Bored of the game relying on it to remain competitive (at least at the top level).

I think If I HADN'T been a top level raider for so long I'd be satisfied. It's the fact that my guild got some GF's in WotLK and personally I got close to a few RF's in the past that means stepping back and playing a more relaxing style is not going to satisfy me. Conversely continuing at the top of the tree now requires commitment to stat based activities that I now find very very tedious.

I understand them perfectly - I just don't want to do them any more.

Perhaps I just need to quit and admit I've had all the "juice" i'm ever going to get from this game. Now raiding in Cataclysm and the sense of Deja Vu is palpable.

"I've been here before" - "different GFX - more or less the same process"

The more I write this the more I realise how I probably need a long break from the game. Even the end game has become a "meh" grind now. Nothing seems new or innovative or exciting. There is no mechanic or substance that I'm experiencing that isn't (at least in most respects) the same as it was in 2005.

I can't believe I've just written that. Who said typng can't be cathartic?

Ask Mr. Robot: What gear should you get? {WoW}

Feb 9th 2011 3:05PM I agree with you to a point.
All the derived stats are a bit of a bore for me.
The base stats are fine - but when you start getting into interlocking algorithms and relationships between derived statistics - then I switch off.
For a warrior - more STR should mean more damage
more AG should mean hit less often and more STAM mean survive more hits.
That's it. A simple relationship between your current level and a desirable or achievable maximum for these stats and you're good to go.
Yeah I know I'm in a minority - perhaps it's because I use spreadsheets and prepare stats for my Director at work all day
When I get home the last game I want to play is one where I have to work out the relationships between a load of numbers.
If my STR is high enough - I want to press "attack" and do more damage - and that's it.
The reason Blizz do it is to have a very descrete and slow progress chart that still keeps the player involved by having "big numbers that in reality don't add up to much"
I mean these days - what's an extra 120 STR to a tanking Paladin?
Not a lot

Ask Mr. Robot: What gear should you get? {WoW}

Feb 9th 2011 2:27PM "Gentlemen, According to my spreadsheet...
The Scourge have BEEN CRUSHED"

Every lead designer should be proud of the day when their creation "grows up" and stops being a game and becomes a collossal bore.
Good signs to look out for phrases like;

"My defense percentage would benefit from 20 extra agility points before I start to suffer from diminishing returns and should then focus on Dodge - however respeccing Dodge would mean lowering Stam and in turn I would not be maxing out my......."

Great fun?

Is it?

I guess my idea of fun and most other people's must differ in a very big way.

Breakfast Topic: What do other players do that really annoys you? {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 9:53AM I disagree. You need to know your stuff. Sure some tanks are born leaders, but then some are just tanks. If you can't perform without being told what to do and when - then you aren't really performing at all.
The tank might as well multibox as have to do all your thinking for you. It's not the tanks job to know your class. It's yours.

NYCC 2010: Our interview with FFXIV's Sage Sundi and Yasu Kurosawa {Massively}

Oct 13th 2010 6:04AM As one of the 7% of FFXI players - who after migrating to FFXIV has already cancelled their subscription. It's worth noting just how poor this game is in gameplay terms.

UI - Just horrible. 3 clicks to do the simplest things. Unsortable inventory all sorts of just nasty design decisions that make the game soooooo slow to enjoy (not DEEP - just SLOW - there is a difference)

Economy - Yeuch. Clicking on one retainer after the other to see if they are selling what you are after. Once you have done this the UI makes life even more of a chore. Seems like they were trying to stop RMT at all costs. And the main cost was a usable system.

Server Lag - Expect 500ms ping during quiet times rising to 1200+

Quest "Leve" Limits - 30 minutes and you're done. No more quests for you class today. Switch class? Yes fine, and find that the quests are more or less identical. Yawnorama

Grinding - You want to progress. Then grind..and grind...and grind. In fact past level 20 (which many people got to within 8-10 hours gameplay) expect hour after hour after hour of grinding and really nothing else

Graphics and Textures - with repeated "valley" textures. a good 70% of the game is not free roaming at all - and running from one area to another down a FFXIII type "alley" or "valley" is like watching Scooby Doo as you run past the same 40 yard "block" of landscape over and over

Stupid system requirements - I don't want to get all "let's measure yours against mine" But I have a quad core systrem runnning each core at almost 4Ghz, I also have 2x GFX 480's overclocked slightly I can "just" get 45fps average out of this game.

Now I have a PS3 as well, and game for game over the last 2 years my PC has totally outperformed my PS3 in terms of looks/framerate and overall quality.
I'm looking at the demo for Dead Rising now on the PS3 and it is vastly inferior graphically to how I can run the PC version.

So what gives with this game? I mean it is quite nice to look at, but no world beater PC wise. It's not even on a par in terms of graphical complexity/objects on screen/animation/viewing distance and effects with a game like Far Cry 2 from 2 years ago?

My guess? it's just badly written or rushed.

The cut and paste "pathway" blocks, poorly executed UI, tiny amount of content per class (leading to the need for a huge amount of grinding), the huge system requirements for such an average looking game and the unforgivalbly poor server support for a world wide release make me think that SE were determined to hit a deadline no matter what the consequences.

The consequence is FFXIV is complete and utter rubbish

The future - Forgive me for seeming as thick as Johnny Thick here.. but doesn't the neccessity of every player to be every class, and the tiny amount of content available per class mean that by end game everyone is exactly the same?

A role playing game - should be called a omnirole playing game. That's is more or less the exact opposite of what an RPG (MMO or otherwise) is about.

The UI is so integral to the game that I can't see that being changed either.

FFXIV will be a niche game - or die a slow death.

THose who love it (and there are some) will mutter about the rest of us "not getting it" and "you just want a quick fix game like WoW"

Well, here's news.
I do get it, it's not that deep (it can be played with a 6 axis joypad)
It has no content (and little story - and absolutely no lore)

You're confusing un-needed and obtrusive complexity with "depth"

I'm getting back to EvE - a game 10x "deeper" than FFXIV - and yet understandable and playable

Spiritual Guidance: So you wanna play a priest {WoW}

Jun 28th 2010 4:02AM Levelling a preist before Cat is indeed a good idea. (I have one approaching 60 now) End of the day it's almost 5 months till Cat (probably) Time to get two or three new 80's never mind just one.

WoW Rookie: Guilds {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2010 2:38PM Creating a new guild is hard work, very few total noobs are in the game. You take on some players who claim to be new, and they have 5 level 80's in the stable and want to use the guild mechanic to lean on or show ff.
Anywho, I started "Thunderock" and then couldn't find a decent web template for my guild site that looked like it might be under 3 years old (most seemed to predate TBC!)
Found quite a few free here
Warcraft Cataclysm templates

Breakfast Topic: Altphobia {WoW}

May 31st 2010 10:00AM I level up 3 to 5 at a time by Multiboxing. Yet despite having almost 20 level 80's across 6 accounts, I still have a main.

I have no idea why I think like this. It's just the way things are :-)

Night Elves and Worgen: Druid allies of the Moon {WoW}

Aug 25th 2009 12:56PM Problem is I've got 8 level 80's on my server, and 1 more on the way (to give me 5 hoade 80's and 4 alliance 80's). With a char limit of 10...and probably 15 months to wait for the expansion..I'm going to have to make some choices or run out of slots

WoW Rookie: Sharding etiquette {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 4:55PM 30 minutes farming, 10 minutes to get back to Dalaran and make the items. 1 minute to disenchant for shards. 5-10 shards per 30 minutes as long as you have a maxxed farming profession and a maxxed manufacturing profession and you know what you are doing.

So I don't care who takes the floppy wet greens that drop, I've never come close to running out of shards