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Secrets of the Tuskarr: The Cheena Vala {WoW}

May 11th 2009 4:19AM They installed the Cheena Vala between 13.50 and 14.50?

Apart from the fact that they did it in like their luch-break, that is some seriuoius piece of very exact history.. DOwn to the hour, I´m impressed.. :)

[UPDATED] Playtime over for You Play or We Pay {WoW}

Apr 16th 2009 2:50PM "YPOWP was actually stealing from blizzard. Imagine if you got your money reimbursed by Blizzard and STILL got more given to you? You could actually get double the amount of credits or in effect play time. If you get say, a week off from Blizzard due to problems and that site gives you a week, you get two free weeks when you only deserved 1 according to Blizzard.

NO NO NO!!!!!
Because "You play..." still had to buy the time from Blizzard.. So even if you get one "extra" week, only one of them is paid by Blizzard.. The second one still makes Blizzard money..

So since they still have to buy the time cards to give to their members, they are not stealing anything from Blizzard unless they go to a computer store and steal them there.. :)