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The Daily Quest: There is nothing Nobel about Noblegarden {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 12:39AM Yes, it is a bit cramped, I have a feeling it wont get any better, maybe they will hotfix the spawn area on patch day, lots of QQing over this

The Daily Quest: There is nothing Nobel about Noblegarden {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 12:36AM I am disappointed with this revamp. I was hoping they would do something new or interesting. Maybe tie it in with an instance, a giant titanesque Easter Bunny in HoS or HoL somewhere. But no, this holiday is can be summed up in 1 phrase: 'spawn camping'. Thats it, jsut sit and wait and you will succeed.

I'm not QQing, its fine by me I only want the metas for the 310% mount, couldn't care less about achievements or titles. Only one I really like is 'The explorer', but I have to say its a bit disappointing.

Perhaps they have some good ideas they are saving for next year because they know all the world events have turned into a meta achievement race for the mount. Perhaps most people aren't interested in actually having 'fun' with the world events till that goal is achieved.

Breakfast Topic: Exploring the World of Warcraft {WoW}

Apr 17th 2009 8:48AM I am a mage as well, from the start it was all about the exploring.
Even at the incredible noob stage, I ran from SW to IF, dieing a lot, not knowing about the deeprun tram, but I probably would have run it anyway to see what was in between. You get some strange reactions at lvl10 in the burning steppes.

I've been behind SW and seen the lone house with a dock, before someone put a harbour there (actually that might still be there, its far enough north, anyone know?). The IF peak with its memorial and the IF airport was fun. Teldrassil base jumping was always fun, Look ma! No slow fall! Athstetically Nagrand is my favourite zone.

One of the first things I did when 3.1 hit was get a guildie to group with me so I could run into Ulduar and see what I could see.

I have yet to get under IF or see "developers island" but I have a feeling that takes breaking a few rules that I don't care to break.