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Arcane Brilliance: Professions for Mages, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 18th 2009 2:11PM Since engineering has been mentioned and will be discussed in the next article, here are a few ideas with a focus away from both leveling and end game. Possible gameplay facet labels would be farming, daily, world, style, or even rp since at one point I ran into an rp group in Desolace and busted out a battle chicken to make their lives more interesting.

The theme here is to fudge math, because engineering is about ability enhancement. It's about surviving a wipe with invisibility and then rez'ing the healer, not having to leave a prime farming spot because you can sell vender trash to bots, rocket booting to the leaf in WSG, and using frost grenades to set up shatter combos.

I'd list more eng uses but they're outdated, like opening locks with blasting charges, surprising tanks by adding flame turrets to aoe pulls or using them to prevent flag caps in bgs, adding a chicken to the sheep to double cc on difficult pulls when cc was necessary, using the Bigger One on masses of alliance at chokepoints in AV, instant invisibility prior to being able to spec for it. At the time rocket boots were outlawed in arenas, my LE shaman partner used them to great effect, and the nigh invulnerability belt was part of my defensive rotation.

I took eng because I wanted abilities outside the mage class, but having written this far it seems not worth the bother, since most of what I liked about eng is dead with the BC days. Oh well, for one more trivial thing google "arcane bomb" for one of the sweeter vanilla WoW eng devices.