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The Queue: Pony games {WoW}

Jan 27th 2010 2:42PM Have we seen anything that points at a model style for weapons and armor in the upcoming expansion? At least as far as quest rewards, there is a definitive style to the gear. Especially weapons. Anything to suggest what theme we'd be seeing next?

Abilities I usually wish didn't exist in 5-mans {WoW}

Jan 12th 2010 8:49PM The fix is very simple, if Blizzard would only make it. AotD only taunts if the casting DK is in Frost presence. Otherwise, they just do regular damage.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day six {WoW}

Dec 28th 2009 7:50AM Non-funny contest entry submission complete.

The Queue: Too soon {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 7:24PM What's the word on the new dances that were promised in Wrath? We're not talking exclusively about the next expansion, but content that was promised for Wrath has fallen completely off the table, and doesn't even seem to be a discussion point for the next expansion either.

WoW Rookie: Sharding etiquette {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 1:43PM The difference is that without the miner there, you couldn't even pick up the ore. But without the enchanter there, everyone can still greed for vendoring. Just giving all unneeded drops to the enchanter is stupid. I've got as much right to vendor it as they do to DE it. If you choose to DE anything you win a greed roll on, that's your business. But I can pick up the loot just as easily with or without you, and therefore you get no special treatment.

The Queue: Wherein Alex renames himself Nostradamus {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 4:28PM Is there any indication that Blizzard is going to change how you gain reputation with the old battleground factions? While it's still reasonably possible given enough play time to raise your reputation in Alterac Valley, I'm comfortable saying it's impossible for new players to ever hit exalted with the factions associated with Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin.

The Queue: The holy cow it's a crab edition {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 3:00AM Is here any indication that the Strand of the Ancients Marks of Honor will ever be useful for anything?

The Queue: Sometimes you just want to be a superhero {WoW}

May 26th 2009 10:57PM Because nobody lets you into a raid or a raiding guild if you aren't already exalted with every faction in Northrend. If you still need reputation points, odds are good that the raiding jerks are telling you to get bent, so no point in being able to gain reputation in the raid itself.

Wrath 101: Emalon the Storm Watcher {WoW}

Apr 18th 2009 7:08PM You're right, Chad. They should be different instances. I'm worried that it will now be impossible to find a group to run Archavon anymore. Everyone going in is wanting to do The New Guy". So if for some reason you didn't gear up fully from Archavon and didn't get into Naxx that often, you're basically on the sidelines again. I'm glad there's new content, but to cram it into the same instance was just stupid.