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Breakfast Topic: What do you listen to while you play WoW? {WoW}

Mar 26th 2011 1:36PM michael buble for me.

Win a ticket to BlizzCon 2010 from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 5:04PM i love snuggles!

Guildwatch: Just don't say "priceless" {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 11:39AM must be nice to live a sheltered life away from the big bad naughty words.

Guildwatch: Just don't say "priceless" {WoW}

Jul 29th 2009 5:28PM Hey retard, do you bother to do any research before you soil a guilds name?

A ninja brings out a throwdown between The Commonwealth and Horde Defense League on Zul'jin. And apparently this all happened after The Commonwealth told their members never to run with HDL again. Good times.

Unless you're leading a change in internet lingo giving leather gear to a hunter who won the roll isnt considered ninja'ing. Also had you bother to ready the thread you would have seen there are even more errors in your little blurb. I really hope you dont have a paid position, because you sure as shit arent earning anything.

Officers' Quarters: Want loot? Buy us a server {WoW}

Apr 20th 2009 5:40PM meh old loot is old. its one item thats not currently BiS anymore im sure. but now your guild has a nice new non-crappy vent server.