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Know Your Lore: Cataclysm for Dummies, epilogue {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 7:06PM So why didn't Deathwing torch Wormrest Temple while the aspects were charging the Demonsoul? He also could've joined Blackhorn in the attempt to destroy the Skybreaker as well. Is he just lazy?

Breakfast Topic: What NPC do you miss the most? {WoW}

Jan 24th 2012 8:54AM You definately mentioned one of mine. Fighting my way across the docks with cannons tearing bits and pieces of rubble out of the cavern walls as they wizzed past me with the epic Stormwind theme: (the part starting at about 1:08 to be specific)

Earlier this morning, I was out in Felwood with my new Doomkin and almost broke into tears after seeing what they did to Kroshius. Back in Vanilla, my Warlock had a 5 minute toe to toe with him because he was immune to all of my fire spells. I had to fear and wand him to death to prevent running oom as well as bannish him to reset my fear ring my Voidwalker and back.

Now it seems like a fart could kill him and I couldn't find his head for the cerimonial Tea Bagging of the Demon. Seriously though, for the king of infernals this side Azeroth, I should at least have to alternate between roots and typhoon to give me ample time to create distance and heal up from his nonexistant (now-a-days) Falcon Punch.

Killing off Lord Banehollow without closing those portals behind him seemed like kind of a blunder on the Druid's part.

Know Your Lore: Where is WoW's story headed in the distant future? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 5:09AM "We'll need to see the Alliance attack more often, more aggressively, and in a more convincing manner than the half-hearted Camp Taurajo massacre."

Remember that time in Northrend when you slew mothers and fathers just to sell their children into slavery to the Kalu'ak?

Remember that time you found potential allies in a distant land who were in a state of chaos caused by a mutual enemy and you decided to go into their city and slaughter them?

Remember that time you found a backwater town and decided to slay everyone and strew their corpses everywhere before burning the place down and calling for tactical cannon strikes just for the hell of it?,_Burn!_(Alliance)

I'm sorry to say, but there's gonna be a lot more Thuum where that came from (seewhatididthere?)

Ok, now with the whole Blackrock thing. That will probably happen, but when it does do you think the Horde will be in a position to attack Kahz'Modan by then? Those Valkyrs in Andorhal seem to be saying that the Forsaken may not be in compliance with the Hordes ideals much longer. Even more so when they draw the eyes of the Argent Crusade and the Brotherhood of the Light. The Flights wont be all too happy either when those Valkyrs start raising Frostwyrms again. And if anything escalates the war between the Horde and the Alliance, it will probably be the Forsaken using Chemical Weapons (Blight) on the Alliance.

Now for this thing with the prophesy and the Sha. Wouldn't it make more sense if they were alligned with the Old Gods? Going back to the corruption of M'uru, it wouldn't make sense if some lowly demons were the ones controling him since Naaru are beings of The Light and The Light is known for burning demons and undead out of existance. Compare that to the most successful corruptions of immortal minds (Neltharion, Sargeras, and all of Ulduar). The Old Gods would make a lot more sense in Velen's Prophesy as well. If Deathwing is the Harbinger of it all and he introduces the forces of N'zoth, the Old God, who's awakening 1 expansion (or year effectively I believe) after Yogg Sarron shows a quickening trend of the awakening of the Old Gods who are known to be alien and rival to the Titans who created this world. On top of that, the Old Gods are so rooted into Azeroth that to get rid of them would cause unprecedented amounts of damage (enough to scare the Titans into letting the Old Gods survive) which means that the battle would HAVE to take place on Azeroth.

I know these are some pretty jumbled thoughts at 4 am, but what are your thoughts on this?

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Good and bad homogenization {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 2:13AM Did he forget that the other way they could differentiate the classes would be to add class quests?

5 creepy Kalimdor lairs for roleplaying villains {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 1:51AM Here are a few submissions:

Kolramas- empty undead flying fortress in Zul'Drak fit with plague materials for your necromantic or demonic (fusing demons together like an abomination) needs. Questers will be phased so it's private.

ZG- enough said.

Black Temple- secluded and hard to get to. Blocked off by an invisible wall that can only be bypassed in one spot. Empty and requires flying. Perfect for planning your invasion of Shattrath

Kara Cripts -Must fly under world. Spacious enough to run as your own instance and have warriors of the light assault it. The view is one of the best in game. Perfect for plotting your sinister actions against Stormwind or the surrounding areas. Also a nice tribute to the attrocities you have committed towards your enemies.

Zul'Aman- Jump through cieling trick required. The desecrated land of the Amani warriors. You conquered this chaotic nation and stole their lands in order to annialate the elves and the undead, your mutual enemy. You can literally paratroop into Silvermoon from the void zone here if you are a mage, priest, or engineer.

Stratholme- Must fly under world. This place is no easy task to get to. Not only do you have to fly under the world but you also have to bypass the spherecal barrier surrounding the city. The place is almost completely intact with no mobs whatsoever. This is the perfect point to plan another scourge attack on the Light's Hope or those ruthless Scarlet Crusaders. For the berserk scourge who broke away from Bovar's grip or those still loyal to Ner'zhul or Arthas, this would be their land of opportunity.

Zul'Farrak- Flying or mountain climbing skills needed. What better place could you ask for to start terrorizing Gadgetzan or Thousand Needles from? It provides a vast area to start roleplaying an oversized sand imp hellbent on ruining trade caravans and plundering those little cabage monsters.

Stormgarde- easy to get to as long as you're not low level. Loyal to the Syndicate, your base in Arathi is optimal for ruining the battle for the Basin by stealing supplies from both factions in order to fuel your attack on Ravenholdt. You can use this pretext for both Alliance and Horde characters to work together and terrorize the lands.

Cave networks: There are random caves around the world that can be accessed. There are a few in the mountains above Redridge, on the coastline of AQ 20, near the upper logging camp in Stonetalon, above Mulgore, and many more. It is unlikely that you will be disturbed in these places.

Outer instances- Climb, Wall trick, and others needed. You can climb out of various instances and use some of these places. It offers pure seclusion at the cost of capacity, yet these areas can offer story twists like your characters have been imprisoned by a mage and the blue wall is the only thing standing between you and the outer world. There may be an artifact within that the characters have to find (Ex; Nightbane) in order to shatter the walls and ruin the worthless sap who caused you so much trouble. It can also be used as a visable flashback to show others why a character hates a specific zone. Others may offer twisted lands and dream worlds at your disposal to further the plot.

Breakfast Topic: How do you want WoW crafting to change? {WoW}

Oct 4th 2011 9:09PM Profession minigames!

Have different minigames depending on the type of item crafted and the profession. For example: in blacksmithing, when you choose to make a piece of armor, you have a precision based game whereas when you craft a sword, you have a speed and timing based game. This should ease up on the borring monotony of professions.

Make it so that procs are dicided based on how well you do in the game. For example, a perfect score would lead to the max number of items created. This way, you can make the games challenging enough to give people a sense of accomplishment when they earn a 4 "proc".

These games don't have to be long either. For example, when using a bandage on yourself, you could be givin a picture of an ailment like a giant gash and you would have to pick the best way to heal it like sewing it shut; or an infected wound that you would have to reopen, rinse with water, disinfect with alcohol, and patch up all under the 4-6 second timer that it takes to normally use the skill. In that case, a perfect may result in a crit heal.

I could see this working well with fishing and other professions that players would have to sit through; however, this may not be everyone's cup of tea so maybe make it an option to use the regular crafting model as well so that people with 10000 ore can still go afk and watch anime or something while their character smelts it all.

Breakfast Topic: What WoW figure do you want on your desert island? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 8:40AM Mankirk's wife ... so long as she's alive.

Blood Pact: Warlock soloing instance bosses for fun and profit {WoW}

Nov 6th 2010 4:09PM Demo isn't the only way to solo. It's good for beginners since it's easy to keep the Felguard alive with improved health funnel, but Affliction and PVP Destro are also viable options.

Affliction: While you may not have the Felguard for AoE threat purposes, you have a few amazing things at your disposal for AoE fights. Empowered Seed of Corruption is perfect because it adds your most powerful DoT to every mob hit. On top of that, the DoT will heal you for vast amounts. Even if the mobs are able to out DPS the healing that you're getting from Siphon Life, your Voidwalker has another nice ability called Sacrifice which will shield you until you get most of your health back. Affliction also carries the most powerful physical damage debuff (Curse of Weakness) which will make up for the loss of longevity that you incur as you switch from improved health funnel. With powerful DoTs, damage reduction, and Drain Life, you will be a formidable force even capable of soloing Ragnaros. Build: (31/2/3) (31/1/4) (31/0/5)

Destro: This is the most tricky out of the three specs, but it is also the least time consuming. I personally enjoy this one because when needed, you can melt a boss in mere seconds. What makes this a viable build is that PVP Destro is not lacking in survivability skills. For instance, alternating between Sacrifice and Spell Ward makes this a key spec against casting bosses. Although this spec is weak in AoE fights, it does not lose out completely. Rain of Fire has a chance of stunning mobs and Shadowfury will stun them as well. You may also choose to utilize Shadowflame for an effective DoT on your opponents while they are stunned and if you find yourself in trouble, the Infernal is a click away. With this, it is viable to solo Leeroy. Another important thing is Bane of Havock. This works well on fights like Blood Lord where there are multiple targets of boss difficulty. It works well because you can indirectly heal your Voidwalker and do damage to certain bosses that you want to be low on health by the time you get to them. This happens to be a godsend when you can even out your damage between Lor'kan and Zath While your pet is keeping the Prophet in place. To top it off, with heavy burst damage, even if you manage to get yout timing wrong and kill one of the three early, you can still salvage the fight via Empowered Soul Fire, doubble Shadowburn (glyphed), and a well placed Conflagurate. With incredible burst capability, woe is the poor soul who is jumped by the Destro Lock. Build: (2/1/33)

Note: PvP Destro is the one I use as it covers a multitude of purposes. It is more action intensive than any of the three specs and thus, tougher to play. I have personally soloed Attuneman, Mandokir, and the Raven Lord. I died against Ragnaros, but managed to last until phase 2. I have yet to solo the Tiger boss as I normally have someone to run these with which means that it is still speculation. Pre 4.0.1, I was Demo for this, but the Tiger was still able to come out on top. Also, all Affliction is speculation as well under the principle of Drain Tanking, a tried and true leveling technique. I would be greatful if there was anyone willing to test this as a soloing technique.