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Rumorang: Warhammer Online heading to consoles {Joystiq}

Dec 29th 2006 1:15AM I am so glad that Autocrawler is arguing so hard, because otherwise we would not have heard of him. Thank God for his comments on Joystiq, or we'd be lost.

We will make sure the game is simplified so much that Autocrawler won't ever play it. Rest assured, Joystiqeers, that you will never have to bother with Autocrawler ever in WAR.

With Autocrawler and Joystiq's permission, we'd like to include that as a selling point on the packaging.

So watcha get for Consumermas? {Joystiq}

Dec 27th 2006 1:58PM Only gaming-related presents I _gave_ was a Famicon clone for my roommate and KOTOR 2 for my woefully-behind-on-hardware dad.

Madden keeping EA rich in '06 {Joystiq}

Dec 26th 2006 6:16PM Just a bit of an observation:

ESPN 2's running their second season of Madden Nation, where a bunch of gamers play each other in Madden to be champion and win $100,000 and so on. Every match the gamers play against each other is played with the 360 version.

Each gamer represents an NFL player, and each has a little short segment where they go to the NFL player's house and play them in Madden.

I haven't seen every episode, but the four NFL players I saw all played ... the PS2 version.

Frag Dolls pwn Rainbow Six CPL tourney, first pro win {Joystiq}

Dec 22nd 2006 7:18AM And besides that, they were exhibition matches with merchandise prizes.

Big win, my foot.

Increase in strain injuries attributed to gaming {Joystiq}

Dec 22nd 2006 4:02AM This condition can be entirely blamed on "Freya" and "Misirlou" in GH2.

PS3 sales no longer hotcake-like? {Joystiq}

Dec 21st 2006 4:53PM Went Wii-hunting this morning at Toys'R'Us (none, and won't have any, despite the rumor of thousands shipping). They had three PS3s, all 60GB models. Circuit City next door had no Wiis, and when I asked the roaming manager, he said he had 6 PS3s, 5 of them 60GB models, and said he _couldn't_ sell them. Nobody wanted them. Gamestop had the same problem.

He did bring up something interesting, though: He said they had a shipment of 6 Wiis expected on Christmas Eve, but three were already reserved. Apparently, the previous Sunday, three people showed up at 6 a.m. and there were already too many people in line for the Wiis that were in store. So, the manager said, these three "complained to corporate" and _got vouchers for the next Wii shipment_.

Guaranteed Wiis on Christmas Eve, just for bitching. Good job, anonymous.

2AM: The Wii/PS3 lines form and spots are for sale {Joystiq}

Dec 17th 2006 5:22PM At 3:30 a.m. in Lafayette, Louisiana: 19 in line at Best Buy for 15 Wiis, 9 in line at Circuit City for 8 Wiis, 7 in line at Toys 'R' Us for an unknown stock. Didn't even bother counting at GameStop, but there was a line.

I'd easily bet more than 3/4 of those people are eBaying, though - I spoke to maybe a dozen people, and three were buying games or accessories after camping. A handful even game me their eBay SNs to watch for them.

I'd be a lot more upset if I didn't believe that at some point after Christmas, the other colors will be coming out.

Interview with Xzin: the man with ten arms {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 7:28PM He has a girlfriend, but he'd _have_ to pick NE hos? I call BS on the whole thing, just on that.

Either that, or his girlfriend is clearly leeching his vast money, which I'm fine with.

Huzzah! Psychonauts on 360, Soul Calibur, Conker too {Joystiq}

Dec 15th 2006 2:33AM "They’ll get to the other games. Give them a chance to catch their breath before slinging more childish behaviour their way."

I don't think they'll ever get to, say, NFL 2k5. EA would piss themselves.

Sony marketers are horrible liars, pretend to run fansite {Joystiq}

Dec 11th 2006 8:17PM "Joystiq is not biased, they sh*t on everyone"

except Intellivision