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Encrypted Text: How to use a spreadsheet {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 2:21PM While that may be your personal preference, the only thing a test dummy is good for is for testing rotations. Even this its not a good indication of what your raid rotation is going to look like, simply because both mutilate and combat rotations are crit dependent for combo point generations and you have more crit in raid then out of it. If you can get 24 other people to debuff the target dummy and give you full raid buffs, more power to you. Chances are though minus raid buffs if some "unorthodox combination" does better dps, its not going to translate with raid buffs the same way.

On a side not: Reccomending people spec and glyph into vigor is just collossaly bad advice. It is a PVP talent. If you're using this for a couple niche pulls in naxxramas you are just bad. Here's a tip for you on your AoE packs hit Blade Flurry BEFORE you start your Fan of Knives span.