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Get a giant eyeful of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine {Joystiq}

Feb 3rd 2011 10:20AM @OrOcKz Considering these two will be the first 2 DLC Characters I think you better let your hopes rest on Ken as the first DLC. Although Capcom would be crazy to not have him n the works in some form.

The Queue: Dances with cats {WoW}

Jan 8th 2011 4:01PM Another reason you can't fly in Ghostlands/Azuremist is because you have to actually 'zone in' to access them. They are all behind a load screen, so you actually have to travel though a portal, literally in the case of Eastern Plaguelands to Ghostlands, or go through a 'portal' via boat. Since they can't just border the entire zone with a load screen, that is the alternative.