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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection {WoW}

Jun 29th 2010 3:24PM Or he could have.. you know.. just ran in and Maul/Mangle/Swiped it to keep aggro if your druid is *that* bad at using Taunt/FFF. Druids have gobs more HP than an equivalently geared Warrior, even moreso now due to the ICC buff -- Druids simply scale better with it.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 5:31AM @michael
On second thought, I'm going to engage you in your rant:

Ranged Silence/Mobility
Yup, poor druids. They might have to run in, target the caster with Faerie Fire and swipe/swipe/swipe the rest. Only if the pull includes three casters spread out at least 10-15 yards from each other does it become a problem for a *good* Feral Druid tank. In those situations, yes, I do sympathize and wouldn't mind in the least if Feral druids received some kind of ranged pull tool/silence beyond Faerie Fire

You gleefully point our Heroic Throw has a 1 minute cooldown, then neglect to mention that Avenger's Shield hits three targets (instead of Heroic Throw's 1) and can be used every 30 seconds (ie, twice as often). So six targets per 60 seconds versus 1 target per 60 seconds. Pile on a few additional ranged abilities Warriors simply don't have access to (Exorcism, Hammer of Wrath, Hand of Reckoning (wow, the Pally taunt even does damage!, Judgements (10yrd range), etc.), I have absolutely no sympathy for "pallies only get hand of freedom" for their mobility, as you so eloquently put it.

Interrupts are *not* the same as stuns.
You throw Concussion Blow and Shockwave in with true interrupts like Shield Bash and Mind Freeze. Try interrupting Lady Deathwhisper's Frostbolt with Concussion Blow/Shockwave/Heroic Throw and tell me how well that works for you. Your painful over-generalizations do your arguments more harm than good.

Last but not least, you seem to be talking about this stuff in a "let's tank Heroics" kind of way, because 90% of the abilities you mentioned simply don't function (or aren't used/useful) on raid bosses (stuns, disarms, spell reflect, ranged silences, fear breaks, aoe fears/stuns, etc.) Wail and gnash your teeth all you want, but a Warrior's "mighty toolbox" simply isn't useful on the vast majority of raid bosses.

And Vigilance? Wow.. really? You're bringing that up as a "pro" for Warrior tanks? I feel like I've being trolled now.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 5:08AM This was a post about tanking cooldowns. I'm not sure what relevance your rant about ranged pulls and class utility has to do with anything.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 8:04PM Oh, and forgot to mention that Stuns don't work on raid bosses. :) Not sure what other "mitigation tricks" you're referring to..

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 7:54PM Last Stand vs. Survival Instincts - both do exactly the same thing, so total wash there

Shield Wall vs Barkskin - 5 min/60% vs. 1 min/20% - It's a toss up depending on your tanking preferences but some would say a more frequently available (5 times as available) cooldown is a better one for raid fights today that require frequent tank swapping.

Glyphed Shield Wall vs. Barkskin - 3 min/40% vs. 1 min/20% - Closer, but Barkskin is still looking better and it doesn't take a Major Glyph to get there.

Glyphed and Talented Shield Wall vs. Barskin - 2 min/40% vs. 1 min/20% - Identical in overall damage reduction, but now you've taken 2 talent points and a Major Glyph to get it that way.

Enraged Regen vs. Frenzied Regeneration - Both give 30% health over 10 seconds, but the Druid version costs some raged.. So technically it's inferior but in practice it's virtually identical.

Shield Block vs.. well, nothing the Druids have. Maybe Savage Defense + Improved Leader of the Pack. Not exactly cooldowns but self healing and damage-absorption are both two very sweet tools to compensate for a lack of block/block-cooldown.

4pt10 Bonus
Druid - Your Enrage ability no longer decreases your armor and instead decreases all damage taken by 12%, and the periodic damage done by your Rake ability can now be a critical strike.
Warrior - Your Bloodrage ability no longer costs health to use, and now causes you to absorb damage equal to 20% of your maximum health. Lasts 0 sec.

Both create tanking cooldowns that would be better in different situations. They're basically a wash, depending on the fight.

WoW Insider Show Episode 140: Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {WoW}

May 18th 2010 8:19PM Aron was a great guest host. Honestly, you should make him a regular host.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Undertuned {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 10:50PM I can't find the actual post I'm looking for just now but basically Zarko in the Tanking forums has been doing polling of tanking representation. Like serious, statistical tracking of tank representation population. (not the perfect post but I can't find the actual one with the numbers in it).

If anything, Blizzard might need to begin doing the opposite of what they've done for the duration of Warth; buff Warriors (dps and/or hp/eh/survivability) above and beyond the other classes. Warrior tanking population is, for the first time since the game launched over 5 years ago, lower than Paladins and on certain fights, Druids. DKs have also seen a resurgence since the 3.3.3 buffs.

Also agree with the above poster. I didn't begin playing wow until the tail-end of Burning Crusade but for the past ~ 18 months, it feels as though I've been punished for something I had no hand in. I wasn't a tank during Vanilla (or most of BC) and yet the class I chose to play has had it's representation intentionally driven down via a relative weakness in comparison to the other tanks (Bears and Paladins in particular).

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 8:43PM Yes please. Free is better than not free.