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Blizzard acknowledges TOR's impact on WoW {Massively}

Mar 20th 2012 10:29AM The WoW sub is just a huge scam, no wonder they aren't willing to give it up. Just look at Trion and compare it to Blizzard. Blizzard should have some kind of edge over Trion, since they've been around longer and supposedly know what they're doing. And yet, Trion is releasing content almost 3x as fast as Blizzard. In Cataclysm, we only got 3 content patches and 2/3 were absolutely horrid (one was 2 revamped 5-man dungeons and 1 introduced an 8-boss raid and the quest zone with worst grind known to mankind).

Guild Wars' model, on the other hand, was to create content as stand-alone games which served as expansion packs and charge full retail price with no sub fee. These games were released almost one per year until they decided to go for GW2. Now compare it to WoW. WoW charges full retail price on their latest expansion, and then some more for each predecessor (if you were coming in fresh).

And finally, League of Legends (and Guild Wars as well). They have an in-game store, home to vanity items for irl cash. They use these instead of a sub to fund whatever content patches were in development and for employee wages. But WoW wants a piece of that too. Worst of all, processes like character migration and renaming, are ultimately 100% automated (as proven by Trion) and cost about 2 months' worth of a sub.

WoW is Blizzard's cash cow and it's sad that they only see us as nothing more than $$. It's nothing short of blatant exploitation (and their defense would be: "if you don't like, it move on"). Some regulation would be appreciated tbh. I would pay a sub if services like migration were free. I would also pay a sub if patch contents were scheduled regularly and were "rich" enough.

Mists of Pandaria: Chris Metzen interview {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 8:34AM "W-what! You can't get rid of him! We love him!" (regarding Garrosh).

Who'd dare say that? We need a brave and wise soul to lead the witch hunt...

Blue Posts: First class, epic gem necessity {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 3:15AM Druid, and totally blame warcraft 3 for the bias :D.

Was and always will be my main.

The case for cross-faction Real ID raiding {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 3:13AM Just do what Rift does in PvP when there is faction imbalance: Mercenaries. You just get disguised as a the other faction to get faster queues. How they handle racials is not my problem, but in essence they are not that game breaking...

Think about it. In MoP we're supposedly more at war, and what more would you need than undercover agents raiding with you :D.

The Summoner's Guidebook: Get back, get back! {Massively}

Feb 24th 2012 3:10AM This was quite an awesome read, thanks! :D

Also, I'm sad that Shurelia doesnt work for Riot anymore. She really seems like an awesome person

Enter at Your Own Rift: A RIFT wedding primer {Massively}

Feb 15th 2012 3:57PM @(Unverified)

Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure if I can get Rift Lite via Steam :/

Enter at Your Own Rift: A RIFT wedding primer {Massively}

Feb 15th 2012 3:21PM I'm trying to get into Rift but I can't download it in one sitting (due to power cuts or having to take my laptop with me). Any known solutions to stop it from resetting progress to zero? I had 2.5 gigabytes done on monday, but when I came to resume it on Wednesday it started from 0. I'm now at 5.7 gb done but if it resets again tomorrow I think I'm going to have to pass on Rift. :(

Steelseries Diablo III mouse is built for intense clicking {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 3:15PM Maybe we should wait for the game to come out first before we start shopping for peripherals :o

Heart of the Aspects mount now available for $25 {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 2:24AM Ok, I understand they like money. Who doesn't? But let's just get this straight...

1. We have to pay for the game & its expansions individually, decent retail price (whereabouts of $15-$45 each).
2. We have to pay a monthly subscription of ~$15.
3. Microtransactions because 1 & 2 aren't enough for some reason.

I'm ok with microtransactions bringing in extra cash if people dont mind paying for cosmetic stuff. What I'm not ok with is the fact that I'm paying a sub to fuel development for the next expansion (which I'm going to end up paying retail for on release) instead of getting content for the current expansion (and let's be honest, cataclysm had abysmal content patches). If they aren't going to give me monthly or every other month content patches, then what am I paying for?

Another thing that bothers me about these micro-transactions is that they have to look shinier and prettier than in-game obtainable ones because they need to sell themselves. Imagine if the Heart of the Aspects used the Mottled Drake for example. It's a reskin of a drake model in the game already. Sure, some people would buy it but it's not as shiny nor as popular.

Really, there is a line and I think Blizzard is dancing on it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch in the Asia Pacific region on March 1st {Massively}

Feb 14th 2012 11:50PM Honestly, i was excited for this game last summer. Couldn't wait till it came out, and when it finally did they decided to treat me as a second class citizen right from the start. Staggered release is fine and all, but at least don't block us access by regions. And even if I went through the hassle of importing, I couldn't even set up a subscription with my credit card. It's ridiculous.

So even though I had stopped playing WoW for about 3 months, planning to move on to swtor, I ended up resubbing to WoW. GG Bioware.