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Attempting Strat 45 {WoW}

Aug 8th 2006 1:05PM I have to agree that the 45minute Baron is probably the most fun I've had in WoW. The adrenaline flows when you are really trying to get it done and the reward of completing it is more about accomplishment then the actual .5 set pieces.


We completed the 45 with a Pally, a rogue, a mage, priest, and hunter with no pet out. Two of the most critical pieces to getting it completed is the pulling and the teamwork. We were all Tier 0, blues and even some greens. The 45 is ALL about skill and teamwork. It took us several attempts so dont be discouraged at all about not making it. A key is getting off to a great start and then not getting off pace.

We also used the Diving Intervention shortcut...after the 3rd zig the priest bubbles the pally...the pally runs pulling aggro with the party behind...once inside the gates the Pally DI's the priest and everyone dies. Priest waits for reset and then rezzes everyone. Saves about 2 or 3 minutes.

Pulling is crucial, and pallies are an excellent class for pulling. They have instant ranged attack versus undead and can use Righteous fury to hold the aggro. That on top of wearing plate and AOE attack (consecration). More importantly then the class is quick, calm, decisive pulling. Practice the first 2 zigs several times because that is teh most important part of the run.

Also everyone should read the Wowwiki 45 min Baron.

Don't expect to have it done the first time unless you are goin with crazy geared members. If thats the case you are just doing it to complete the quest and not for the challenge.