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Breakfast Topic: Pet Peeves {WoW}

Aug 9th 2006 12:14PM 1. People that join a group to run an instance, and after agreeing on what part you're running, get the item they came for and disappear half way through.

2. Tanks that tell a caster to aoe when they're only focusing on tanking one mob out of several - easy way to kill your clothies (and yes i play both a tank and casters so i know you can tank more than one mob at a time without much effort)

3. People who pull mobs while the healer is out of mana

4. People who try to tell a someone playing a different class what to do and insulting them. If you have a better idea, make a suggestion, don't show you're immaturism and try to cram your ideas down someone's throat. And it's even worse when the person tries the idea and it doesn't work, and then the one who suggests it insults them and leaves the group.

5. People who take the game way too seriously and drop out of a group after one wipe. Everyone makes mistakes, grow up.

6. And as a lock as well, i second the random summons. And how they get mad and insult you if you ask for a little compensation like 1 gold. Sure it doesn't cost us anything but a shard and our time, especially when finding 2 others to help summon can take some time, and that's exactly what i'm asking you to compensate for, our time.

7. And last of all, people who ask you for things with even a please or thank you afterwards.