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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Dual Spec Salvation {WoW}

Apr 24th 2009 3:57PM I always find it amusing whenever warriors complain about being treated as 'second class citizens'. For a long time, they were THE tank to go to, bar none, no questions asked. Pallies and druids were told to heal or get out. That is not second class. Up until recently, warriors were the top dps in raids, above the pures and the hybrids. That is not second class either.

Now their tanking has been overshadowed by DKs, and their dps has been overshadowed by pures.

Warriors are the mirror class to feral druids (coincidentally, another group that can either dps or tank.) One patch, they're the best, are considered necessary or first class for raiding. Then, people complain, and the next patch they go back to being second class. When warriors are up, ferals are down, and vice versa. It would be lovely if the two groups could be equal and content, but somehow Blizzard always messes up the balancing somehow.