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The state of the Horde and the Alliance {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 3:07PM While I recognize that Blizzard is doing this to revitalize the AvH PvP scene, I really wish they would do it in a different way. It seems like instead of neither side being 'good' or 'evil,' but just people, like Blizzard intends, the Alliance is becoming undeniably evil. Between Admiral Proudmoore, Grand Marshal Garithos, and Varian Wrynn, it seems like the Alliance is transforming into a convention of reactionary conservatives. Jaina is already closer to the Horde than the Alliance; I'm actually a bit surprised that Theramoore isn't friendly towards Horde players, and with Bolvar's death the Alliance is left with the reins in the hands of a man so scarred by his experiences that he has no business ruling a nation.