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The state of the Horde and the Alliance {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 3:10PM I never replied to anything on WowInsider before because I didn't feel I was contributing or felt passionate enough about anything to do so. With this article however I fully disagree with you.

Let's start off that at age 10 he watched an orc slaughter his father and the Horde burn down his city. Later in life he lost the person he admired most in childhood, Anduin Lothar, in battle to Ogrim Doomhammer. He saw his secondary home of Lorderon destroyed by his former childhood friend Arthas and taking over by the Scourge and Burning Legion. Then you begin the whole defias thing where the Stormwind Council betrays the stonemasons despite his full support of them, which then causes the riot that kills his wife. Before long he's abducted by the Defias, split by Onyxia, thrown into an Orc gladiator ring as a slave (wow what a fall from grace that must be) before fighting to survive every step back home to then find the black dragonflight is doing everything to take over his home and kill his only child. The the events at the wrathgate where one of his closest advisors and best friends is betrayed by the forsaken. Are you honestly telling me you wouldn't be just like him if you went through this?

The problem with the Horde and the Alliance is Varian and Thrall never got the chance to shake hands and came to an understanding. Varian was abducted *On a diplomatic mission* to meet with Thrall, possibly cementing a more permanent peace had not the Defias, Naga and Black dragons gotten involved. Varian may never have learned of the new hordes redemption and salvation, hes only seen the brutal aspect of their race. Worse yet I dont think he fully grasped the fact that the horde lost just as many as the Alliance did because of the treachery. There's enormous room for plot and character development though and things CAN change... just look what happened with the shattered sun offensive and the Sunwell!