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Breakfast Topic: Why did you start playing WoW? {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2011 2:02PM My friend said to me there is a funny game, mmo based on warcraft where paladins own mages.

He forgot to mention they owned in healing and not in damage output but when I finaly realized that it was too late, I was already hooked.

MMO Roundup: Farewell, Star Wars Galaxies {WoW}

Jun 28th 2011 4:04PM I don't see a problem with EVE Shop items, if they stay true to their cause, and someday you realy could purchase ships (that is biggest fear for community) they will cost billions of dollars.

Flameseeker Chronicles: Of revolutionary design, babies, and bathwater {Massively}

Jun 21st 2011 4:34AM Strangely, my biggest concern are dynamic events. I am constantly afraid they will come out as usual quests with extra movement of mobs involved.

For the trynity change I am realy excited and realy hope it works out. After playing WoW for nearly 5 years it is realy nice to know you won't have to yell in chat for 30 minutes to find tank/healer. Or even with dungfeon finder wait for those 2 30min.

Anduin Wrynn: Then and Now {WoW}

Jun 17th 2011 10:05AM @ destinyshand

Why not, I bet Bolvar would love to see Anduin soon and if kid somehow kills Varian and goes on rampage, maybe, just maybe Muradin can finaly take control of Alliance.
There is no need to worry about garrosh, he will eventualy get lucky enaugh to accidentaly kill himself, most probably while sharpening his axe and shouting on someone.

The Daily Grind: Does PS3 exclusivity affect your enthusiasm for DUST 514? {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 9:04AM Its shitty decision, they would have much more profit in pc version then on ps3. If they were afraid that they would lose some of their subscribers that way, I understand them, but how many people do they expect will paly dust on long term on ps3?

Blizzard teams up with Mega Bloks for Warcraft and StarCraft sets {WoW}

Jun 14th 2011 4:21AM Just one thing to say:

LEGO for life.

Flameseeker Chronicles: Let's talk business {Massively}

Jun 13th 2011 3:09PM I'll say it this way. I am personaly raider, not realy hardcore, but I tend to raid a lot. (WoW). I imagine as they are saying that endgame in GW2 starts with lvl 1 people can have their sweet time with it.
With SWtOR people will eventualy level up and look up to endgame content wich is pretty much raid encounters.
Maybe at start their will be fight for time, but eventualy they will level up in SWtOR and evaluate if its wirth to go on, same with GW2. But no matter what they decide, they will always be asking themself if it is worth ther 15$ per month, a question that will never be asked about GW2. And that is the one thing that stands out with GW2. It does not force you in any way to play it. People will sometimes say no to some game with monthly fee, just because they feel they are obligated to play, this does not come with GW2.

Personaly I am all for GW2, and those who play more then 1 mmo at one time they already know how to spend their time most efficiently.
What won me over was no trinity and Guardian, what can I say, I'm sucer for paladin-esque class to play, even tho now I am considering between warrior and guardian. They look great.

Know Your Lore: Sargeras and speculation on the next expansion {WoW}

Jun 12th 2011 4:32PM If I remember correctly first Guardian of tirisfal was some (to us) unknown half-elf. I even forgot his name... Aegwyn came much much later.

EA CEO won't share Old Republic release date because of "principal competitor" {WoW}

Jun 10th 2011 12:44PM WoW, nice post, care to make predictions about Guild Wars 2. I'm interested If I was right about the game hitting the shelves in november 2011.

EA CEO won't share Old Republic release date because of "principal competitor" {WoW}

Jun 10th 2011 12:35PM Wait, principal competitor...
Doesn't that relete more on some studio that is still making their game, like Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet also didn't announce their date but they are repeating When its ready. And we know that it will be 3rd or 4th part of this year for GW2.
And the best thing that is a big helper in case of GW2 is that it does not have subscription, it is free to play, when you buy the game. That way it does not realy cut the share for other mmorpg-s out there. GW2 can pretty much coincide with any other game if they fulfill all those promises of no holy trinity.

And by the look of SWtOR it is realy dissapointing. WoW 2.0 with futuristic look... Not that this is bad or anything but come on... Rare are the ones that still know how to be original. Their trailer looked awsome and very promising, but their gameplay was old generic what we have WoW for. Not some real something new.

I saw a sorcerer gameplay (evolved version of sith inquisitor). He has lightsaber but just for show, spamming one and the same force spell for whole 10 minutes.