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3D Printouts of Your Virtual Self {WoW}

Aug 14th 2006 4:30AM i did a report on this company after seeing the z printer being featured on csi: ny.


Women In Guilds {WoW}

Aug 9th 2006 6:04AM i have to say i've been in some amazing guilds. both in wow and other mmo's. no i'm not naive about how i've been treated. since most female toons are played by men/boys and most men/boys know that, i've been treated as just another player. i don't let my sex be known until i've developed a raport and respect from my guildmates/friends.

as a female in real life, i might get special treatment. but as a gamer, i have the experience to say i am treated as a gamer - both online and irl. i believe if you are or are pretending to be female just to get perks, you are only equal to the prostitute hanging around the four-corners of your town at 2 in the morning.

have some respect for yourself and pride in your skill and you will find that anything you do will be more rewarding.

- [kossori hana.]