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The Queue: When is patch 4.1? {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 11:18AM If you change your name from "paul" to "muaddib" you will no longer appear on the Baron's, the Emperor's or anyone else's friend list (with a possible exception of your mother), until you come back riding sandworms through exploding nukes, leading an army of water-crazy zensunnis, secretID or not. =)

Heart Story: One player's quest for iconic affection {WoW}

Feb 14th 2011 5:53PM Lady Dawn, even though I am a devoted Shadow Priest, and despite the fact that our local supreme Van Allen with a Very Cool Name never misses an opportunity to comically oppose you, accept my deep admiration for your touching story and allow me to express what I notice time and again: you perfectly represent end even epitomize all good things about the brighter side of our profession. =)

I'm glad that the 'Insider got Fox to guide us shadowy clergymen, and I'm glad that our brothers and sisters that prefer healing to facemelting have you. Keep it up, please.

Happy Valentine's! =)

Blizzard to break the AVR mod in Patch 3.3.5 {WoW}

May 21st 2010 11:28AM AVR and DBM-like mods remove the need for awareness? What kind of awareness are we talking about? Keeping 3-4 different timers for various boss abilities in mind while also doing something else (like DPS-ing, healing, or especially tanking)? Do you even know a person that had that kind of awareness in the first place?

FFS, really, WoW is about killing things more than about anything else. PVE-wise this killing process relies on flawless execution, plus, of course, lots of luck, which is why some guilds spend weeks and weeks on encounters that others luckily beat much sooner. Ok now, luck isn't something we can control, but there are aspects of game we can control and where is the reason for impairing our ability to do so? Warfare evolved with humanity, and so did its tools, ultimately making it more and more convenient where it was possible. And same is true for any kind of a challenge. Should we stop selling whiteboards and markers to John Madden, because the depth of his planning is too "invasive" and the game should have much more randomness? Ok, why not just set all abilities for all bosses to go off randomly? Why not make virtually unkillable EQ1-esque bosses were absolutely perfect execution would only increase your chances of beating an encounter by around 1%, leaving 99% to other factors?

Come on now, are they serious? I still can't believe Blizzard is taking this course of action. They worked for years to make warfare in wow more convenient, eliminating technical challenges and allowing us to face more tactical ones, certain talent trees that were mostly random talent collections became distinct raid and pvp viable specs (hello, Tyler Caraway =), certain annoying-to-refresh debuffs got longer durations, certain mechanics changed to allow us to think less about maintaining rotations and more about beating the encounters, but now this is a huge leap in an opposite direction.

So instead of giving us smarter bosses they start breaking our tools that evolved over years and allow us to deal with those in more convenient ways?

Which one is next? Healbot? DBM? ForteXorcist and other dotimers? I swear, DoT precast indicator is so "invasive", because it makes my life so much easier. Maybe you should ban Vent and Teamspeak too? Come on, swing that hammer on all of the tactical planning efforts, our discontent can't possibly be more vocal than that of tree druids.

Sure, dear Blizzard, we will coup with anything you do, because we have little choice (yeah, right), but on this particular matter hear me say this and hear so many agree:

You. Are. Wrong.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Hunter {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 9:05AM Let's all cheer for this to manifest in a longest overdue hunter talent that AD&D Archers had for ages:


Just to clarify, PBS in AD&D games (NWN at least) was a talent that removed severe hit penalty when using ranged weapons in melee range. In WoW this could be a talent/ability that removed minimum range requirement for ranged attacks. Shammies do get a new ability to allow them to cast while moving and maybe even attacking, so it'd make sense for hunters to be able to shoot stuff in melee. I'm somehow sure that the sheer awesomeness of sticking an explosive shot right into someone's face at melee range would outweigh any possible nerfs to balance this change.

No other class is this dependent on positioning and no other class is enslaved to kiting this much. Melees have to get in melee range, but the reality is that it's easier to get in melee range and stay there than it is to kite (Because otherwise a melee attacker would never be able to catch up with his prey and all ranged teams would dominate arenas by kiting any occasional melee attacker to death. Being susceptible to full time kiting, like enh shammies used to be, was a severe disability).

For all other ranged (and sometimes even melee) classes, kiting is a situational tool to employ for survivability, but for hunters it's the only way to maintain decent damage output on a pursuing target (not to mention that you can't even auto-shoot on the move). Sure, this doesn't apply to pve as much as it applies to pvp and leveling, but nearly full impotence in melee is bad enough if you're a non-BM leveling hunter, which means even a tenacity pet would lose aggro after a couple of shots and you'll have to swing the mob down from half of his healthbar with your 2h sword (good case) or a staff/couple of daggers (bad case).

I'm, of course, assuming that you're too conservative/lazy to use wing clip/traps/disengage/pvp pet/whatever else for killing just another mob of your own level. This all gets grizzly when you're suddenly reminded that you play on a pvp server dominated by the opposite faction. Reminder usually pops behind you or charges from afar, flashing his pair of heirloom daggers/arcanite reapers and a whole set of other boa stuff (with a cumulative cost in emblems more than your average height in centimeters).

When that happens, you're supposed to deploy 3 kinds of traps, activate your deterrence/master's call/racial healing/herbalist healing/disengage macro, drink a pot, target the enemy (since you still have that half-killed mob targeted), order a pet to attack it and finally start mashing your shot buttons in a desperate hope to deal a couple of big crits, and of course try to see where the f#&% you're running (don't forget you're moving sideway/backwards), because there's always a couple of extra aggro mobs or a very high cliff around to make sure you don't feel lucky. Sure, most of those steps are similar for every other class, but none of them has the mandatory running backwards/snaring/shooting part. Casters would shield and start nuking the bastard. Melees would just change targets and go on with their rotation. Ok, maybe not that easy, but nobody really HAS TO kite anything. Hunters do. Ok, resume cheering now.


Arcane Brilliance: Why I hate DPS meters {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 1:10PM @Navaro

Not sure what class you're playing, but mind I tell you, many of the great DPS classes require quite some time to build up their output. DoT classes like my spriest or affliction warlocks (*hastily hits Dispersion in an anticipation of an incoming plethora of arcane barrages for saying that word in mage column*) hardly have time to put all their dots on a single mob before entire pack dies to AOE. Classes with more complex rotations like assassination-specced folk from Chase Christian's column or feral kittehs need a much longer time to fully unfold their DPS, which means they will not top the meters like they should unless it's a bossfight and the target actually survives long enough for them to go all out. Should I mention the existence of trinkets that also need time to build up stacks?

Sure, a substantially worse geared enh shammy or ret pally probably can outDPS me on those pesky whelps in the beginning of the Oculus. But let them try to link a meter and start bragging about it. =)

On the other hand, considering that "people who actually pay attention, and strive to perfect their rotations" just spam aoe in a most irresponsible manner, they bring more chaos and sense of fail to the group than people that act responsibly. I'm sure if Mr. Belt ended up in a group with my not-so-well-geared warrior tank, he'd be nice enough to let me pick the mobs up, because there mathematically is no way on earth I can pick the mobs up if an ICC25-geared mage (or any other AOE-friendly class) starts AOE-ing before I even reached the mobs (and no, I don't consider Challenging Shout an option, it's honestly a tool for a "nasty stuff hit the fan" situations, not a tool for handling reckless uncooperative 12-yr old kids).

Speaking of which: same people you mention, people that think they carry everyone that fall behind them on meters during trash pulls, actually end up costing everyone repair bills more often than not. An example would be a situation when in H HoR you have one such guy that has a much better gear than the rest of the group, including tank and healer, proportional to his recklessness and witlessness, probably.

Normally you should have 5 mobs at pull, 4 mobs 10 sec later, 3 mobs 20 secs later etc etc, a logical pace that dynamically alleviates stress from healer by actually taking out dangerous mobs and preventing them from doing more damage and using more nasty abilities. But the outgeared guy is too good to listen to reason. His favorite Gearscore addon just told him that everyone else in his group sucks (don't get me wrong, GS is a great addon for a somewhat objective evaluation of gear, I trust it to see if my toon is ready for one specific encounter or another, but same people that misuse meters sadly tend to misuse GS too). So that guy just starts spamming his AOE, anticipating some juicy numbers on his meter to link after the pull, and things end up in one of the following ways:

a) If both tank and healer are well geared, then you'll just have a very frustrated healer, in which case that guy better pray the healer isn't a RL warlock (*tries to hit Dispersion again, but finds it on cooldown. Oh sh&#...*), because hey, WTF, healer doesn't have to stress himself more just because you're being a jerkwad.

b) If healer can't keep it up, you'll have 5 mobs at the pull, same 5 10 secs later, same 5 20 secs later, same 5 30 secs later and a dead tank 40 secs later. GG

c) If the tank can't generate enough aggro to hold the mobs under that monstrous AOE, then the former soldiers of Lordaeron will do everyone a favor and take a second of their time to collectively one-shot the jerkwad. Sadly, due to instance mechanics that'll mean a wipe on Falric. GG

Sure, there are situations when AOE is logical and necessary, like the PoS midtunnel fight, where I just love to see a 17k DPS Mind Sear (who wouldn't?), but the jerkwads strive for that high number on the meter in too many inappropriate situations (When was the last time I saw a DK Death Grip a shackled rifleman, ignoring the loose mage next to the rifleman? Today? Yeah, I guess), ending up stressing and/or wiping the group, which nobody appreciates.

P.S. If you're really that good and you're a perfectionist, I don't see why you would have a problem with what you call "carrying" people. Many is the time when I find myself in a group with one or sometimes even two fresh 80-ies. I find it perfectly ok, because I know I can make up for their lack of DPS and get the instance done nice and clean. And I also don't forget to decurse, shackle, mass dispel and do everything else I can, rather than just pushing numbers. So instead of perfecting your "rotations", you should try perfecting the way you do your job, which includes everything your class can do. I can't possibly express enough of my admiration to that enh shammy the other day, that sacrificed his precious SoE totem to put down Tremor on King Dred. A trifle, but what a pleasant one.

Encrypted Text: Rogue tips for raiding Icecrown Citadel, Part 2 {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 2:29PM A statement about any of the Cullens having anything to do with vampires would probably make Kain and Raziel die choking and crying "LMFAO".

Sadly, none of the blood princes carries a wave-shaped blade or any other reference to Nosgoth...


Blood Pact: Meet the minions, part 4 - the felhunter and mage-hate {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 7:10AM Ahem,

Yes, mages are purely awesome, one of their specs includes as many as 2(sic!) buttons in their rotation. "Here, Johnny, press this button four times, then press that other one over there once, then repeat. Good boy. Now nobody's gonna ROFL on you like when you were a ret pally".

/salute to Mr. Hobbs and all of our brothers in shadow from semi-transparent purple priests. =)

Patch 3.3 PTR: Shadow Word: Pain not affected by haste {WoW}

Nov 17th 2009 1:23PM Pure DPS classes and hybrids, eh?
Every time I hear about a "hybrid tax" I want to make kitty eyes =) and ask this: I kan haz feral kitteh dps? No? How about pally survivability? No? How about DK dps (come on, they can tank and dps, we can heal and dps, they ARE hybrids)? No? Ok, at least a bukkit, I promise I'll share it with the Walrus.

As a friend of mine (a mage) put it yesterday, "Quit that sorry class. If Blizz wanted to make you guys kickass, they wouldn't wait 4 years to do so".

Two Bosses Enter: Keristrasza vs. Ley-Guardian Eregos {WoW}

Nov 7th 2009 8:26AM Here's another story for you, hope you will enjoy it =)

- On "three", - said Angarostrasz, - Ready? Three!..
The combined blast of breaths of two massive red dragons vaporized the sealed gates of Nexus’ basement, along with several dragonspawn guards that were rushing in to stop the escapers. Smelling extra accidental victims around the corner, Angarostrasz thrown a satisfied gaze on Keristrasza.
- "Ladies first" won’t work this time, I’m afraid, - he said.
Keristrasza returned a surprised look.
- Why’s that?
- Because this rescue is already unthankful enough, even without you getting yourself killed or badly injured in an ambush, - said Angarostrasz, proceeding towards the exit.
- Unthankful?! - she called after her old friend, - I thanked you the moment you freed me, Your Forgetfulness!
A sound of raging fire and dying drakonids came from outside, and she hurried to join her savior.
- That’sh noth the khind of shanksh I’m talking abouth, - mumbled Angarostrasz, chewing a body of an unlucky dragonspawn, then spitting it out with disgust, - I mean I won’t be thanking myself for this too much, I’m doing this just because my brother asked me to.
Keristrasza couldn’t hold a smile. She knew Afrasastrasz’s younger brother for too long to believe that this cynical attitude was something more than a mask.
- Don’t worry, I’ll make sure at least your brother is properly thanked when we come out of here, - she said.
- Well, it’s been a long time since he’s seen you, so, I suppose, Lord "I got the coldest heart of all the fiery red dragons" will give you a truly warm welcome, - answered Angarostrasz, proceeding to climb a small ascent that lead out of the basement.
Keristrasza followed him once again, only to discover that she wasn’t ready for the scattered sunlight, especially with its current purple tint.
- I don’t remember the sky being of this color last time I saw it, - she said, screwing up her eyes.
- It wasn’t, - said Angarostrasz, looking around in an artificial magic mist and sounding a little worried, - they erected a shield to keep us in...
- Not very unexpected of the Ley Guardian, - she said, looking up, trying to spot the huge blue dragon in the sky.
- We’ll have to pay Eregos a visit, I think... - he growled, stepping forward and spreading his large red wings, preparing to take off.
Suddenly a beam of arcane energy blazed from above, hitting the ground just in front of him and drawing a solid molten line in the snow.
- Just where do you two think you’re going?! - came a familiar female voice from above.
He immediately recognized it, of course, because that voice was as dear to him as strong was his wish not to hear it now.
A silhouette of a female blue dragon appeared in the fog, accompanied by a full combat wing of thirty drakes.
- Tyri... - said Angarostrasz with disappointment in his harsh voice, - damn my luck, it had to be her watch today...
Keristrasza was already standing by his side, also looking at the menacing shapes that were approaching them.
- Tyrygosa? - she said, - Isn’t she Kalecgos’ intended?
- Yes, that coward’s... Such a shame I will have to fight her.
- But aren’t you?..
- Yes.
- So, are you going to kill her?!
- No.
- Oh, then you are going to tell her! - Keristrasza suddenly sounded cheerful.
- No.
- No? - she was surprised, - but you have to tell her! She deserves to know!
Angarostrasz gifted her with a cold gaze of his yellow eyes.
- That’s none of your business, Keri. Better worry about the fact that you’re now going to face Eregos alone while I take care of these. If you can weaken him enough to make him stop channeling the shield, then break free and make haste to the temple. If not, then just stay alive as long as you can. I’ll join you soon, and if I don’t, then Afras will come for you anyway. Did you hear me?
- Yes, I know what to do... - she said, lowering her eyes.
- Then go. Quickly! Don’t waste your time! Go!
Keristrasza hesitated for a moment, then jumped away, spread her wings and took off.
- I’ll see you shortly at the temple!.. - she said, before disappearing in a swirling purple mist.
There suddenly was so much hope and joy in her voice that it made Angarostrasz smile.
- Look at her, - he said, talking to himself, - twenty minutes ago she wanted to die, and all she needed to come back to reason is a small taste of hope.
He however noticed how several of drake shapes that came with Tyri broke off their group and dashed away to intercept Keristrasza.
- Ah, now I will remind you that there’s a price for showing your bellies to a Skytalon General! - he shouted, materializing several large fireballs at tips of his wings and casually throwing them towards the interceptors. Their agonizing screams were much shorter than the whizzing sounds they made as they were falling down breathless. He took off and flew towards Tyrygosa and the rest of her guardians, preparing for battle. As the azure drakes surrounded him, the images of their flapping wings were reflected and multiplied in perfectly polished plates of his titansteel armor, making him look like a swarming army of small but deadly creatures, rather than like a single large dragon. And while his look impressed the drakes to a point of apparent hesitation, it wasn’t nearly enough to scare their fearless captain, which was now diving at full speed to clash with him alone. As hostile and aggressive as Tyri was now, he still was glad to see her again.

As Keristrasza made haste past the rings of the Oculus, blasting whatever drake and hatchling would appear on her way with Crystalfire, she felt a strange bright inspiration. An inspiration that went away the moment she realized that the Red Flight had abandoned her in the hands of the Spellweaver, left her to suffer and be enslaved by the old and still insane Aspect of the Blues. Same inspiration, however, came back easily and hastily the moment Angarostrasz appeared inside her prison to set her free. That meant that Afrasastrasz didn’t forget his promise, and she was sure that he, the handsome High Commander of Her Majesty’s forces himself, is now making haste to her rescue. After all, Afrasastrasz wouldn’t send his own brother to set her free if he wouldn’t have a full scale operation going, and Angarostrasz was just a vanguard. Maybe she even wasn’t the primary objective of that operation, but the fact that her beloved Commander was holding true to his promise was more than enough to hearten her, and when the Nexus War is over, there would be some joyful future lying ahead for the two of them. With this pleasant thought she soared past the last set of floating platforms, immediately sighting Eregos. The latter didn’t even turn around, although he surely noticed her.
- How humiliating it must be for a Skytalon General, - he said, - to be ordered by his own brother to sacrifice his life in a futile attempt to rescue someone like you.
- He didn’t lose his life just yet, Eregos, - she replied.
The Ley Guardian laughed in return.
- If you only could ever hope to reach my age, - he said, - you would learn to account the inevitable events as events that have already taken place. However, the same amount of wisdom would allow you to see the entire hopelessness of your situation, and since you don’t possess it, I will allow you to challenge me. I will even toy with you a bit, before sending you back to the basement. That will probably amuse me too.
She said nothing, instead activating her aura of Intense Cold and immediately materializing boulders of crystal ice at the roots of his wings, to restrict their movement. However before Eregos could lose any significant altitude he easily broke the boulders and turned to face her, throwing a barrage of arcane missiles at her.
- Do you really hope to attack a blue dragon with ice and succeed? - he chuckled, - frost is our element, it adores and obeys us, isn’t it obvious?
- Then maybe I will muster something warmer for you... - said Keristrasza, gathering whatever red magic flow still remained in her to evoke a boulder of fire and throw it at the Ley Guardian.
Eregos shot the boulder down with another arcane missile, however failed to detect the two follow-ups that succeeded the first one and hit him with an overwhelming force.
- Impressive for such a non-outstanding member of the Red Flight - he said, backing up, and invoking a whole storm of arcane missiles in response.
Keristrasza was able to dodge most of the missiles and disregard the pain from those that actually hit her. She closed in on the Ley Guardian to hit him with her Crystalfire breath, however before she could let it lose Eregos half-shifted into a parallel plane, which also caused several Planar Anomalies to appear.
- Aren’t they amusing, - came his faint voice, distorted by travelling through a planar rift, - they are also intelligent! Just think of it - sapient anomalies! Shows just how little your so-called Life-Binder knows about life. All she chose to care for is feeble mortals.
Keristrasza made haste to fly away from the unstable anomalies before they would decay, releasing a fair amount of arcane energy.
- You’ll be able to tell my Queen all about your little toys when we put you on a short leash atop the Wyrmrest Temple! - she shouted.
Eregos shifted back just as the anomalies exploded and proceeded to explode in anger himself.
- Such insolence! To threaten the High Wizard of the Dragonflights with slavery! How dare you?!
He immediately diverted even more energy from the Ley Line, which made him grow in size, apparently affecting electron orbits in his constituent matter. For a moment it was even difficult for him to maintain the channeling of an impenetrable shield that shrouded Coldarra while controlling the increased flow of energy through him, however he was able to subdue the flow and maintain the channeling. He then used the influx of energy to summon an even greater storm of missiles that burst out in all directions, but then quickly found their target and homed on it. Keristrasza chained the Ley Guardian in ice once again, and that bought her time to dodge several of the missiles, however the blue leviathan broke free of ice quickly and made sure that most of the missiles reached her. Hurt and injured, she once again closed in to the Guardian to physically subdue him before he could shift again. When she was close enough she finally unleashed her breath that confused Eregos for a moment, just enough for her to circle him and climb on his back.
- I have you now! - she cried.
- Maybe not! - he parried, making the excess arcane energy erupt from his back, throwing her away.
Several dozens of whelps immediately appeared to swarm her and Eregos himself moved in to seize her.
- Hope you enjoyed your time in the basement, - he said, trying to hold her still.
- I will not!.. He is coming!.. He promised!.. - she said, but felt as the energies of the Ley Line that Eregos channeled were slowly draining her consciousness.
The world around her started to distort and fade away, but suddenly screams of terrible voices in an unknown language filled her head and terrible sharp pain constricted her chest. Eregos only noticed how blue runes on her body released beams of unknown matter in all directions, one of which badly scarred his left wing before he shifted away. Much of the whelp swarm was immediately vaporized, along with several Nexus Guardians that were flying in from below to assist their master. The beams, however, disappeared shortly, and Eregos caught Keristrasza to finish pushing her consciousness away, despite his instincts screaming in terror to stay away from her. All because even his instincts knew what was it so unfathomably abhorrent that just scarred his wing with pure pain. He placed her body on a nearby platform and landed himself, to take a breath.
- Urom! - he shouted, - Urom, where are you?
The Mage-Lord appeared right before him with his usual condescending smile.
- Yes, yes, I’m here, don’t start shouting, for arcane magic’s sake, I saw it.
- Take her to the basement, I have to report to the master at once...
He then took off, waited until the Mage-Lord could teleport himself and the seemingly breathless red dragon away and then concentrated to properly shift himself directly into the Eye of Eternity.
He found his master sitting at the center of the platform with his head down and clouds of stellar energy floating around it.
- Sire? - said Eregos, approaching his lord cautiously, - Sire, a moment of your time, if I may...
Malygos raised his head and turned it to face his Ley Guardian.
- What?! Can’t you see, I’m meditating! - he said.
- Sire, I have taken care of the matter...
- What matter?!
- I have contained Keristrasza...
- Oh, that, - said the Spellweaver, suddenly calming down. Even being the most powerful magic wielder on this planet, he still was as irritable and as absent-minded as any other old wizard.
- Sire, I...
- So, what are you waiting for?
- The attunement was interrupted when she broke free. Now if we allow the cycle to complete, whatever emerges will not be under our control...
- Well, do you expect me to miraculously reattune her before the Seed hatches? I’m a scholar and mathematician, not Greatfather Winter. I don’t make miracles, - said Malygos, making stellar clouds in front of him form a likeness of an old dwarf in a funny red dress. Or was it an orc?
- Then I...
- Yes, of course, - continued Malygos, - we have no choice. It surely is a shame to lose an asset of that destructive potential, but if it’s not bound to our will, it is useless to us, if not troublesome. Do you think the Reds know about the Seed, by the way?
- No, they must still believe you just wanted her as a new consort, - said the Ley Guardian, - otherwise they wouldn’t attempt to rescue her.
Malygos laughed.
- How disgraceful it is for them to think that a being of my age and wisdom would care about a consort. I can only rest assured that their blindness will destroy them some day. Oh, and why didn’t Tyrygosa resume her patrol after the battle?
- I believe she is still crying over the body of the red dragon she just killed.
- Why? - questioned Malygos, - did he tell her that he allowed her to kill him because he loved her or something?
- I believe so.
- Females... - growled the old Spellweaver.
- I’ll have to agree with you, Sire - said Eregos, - but this was the easiest way to defeat a Skytalon General.
- Yes, that was a good idea, to use even feelings as a weapon, - Malygos sounded quite pleased, - if we only could find similar ways to weaken all of our enemies...
- Allow me to depart and take care of our prisoner then, sire.
- Yes, yes, go, make haste... And Eregos, make sure you properly disintegrate her. If it hatches uncontrolled, we may lose the Nexus, do you understand?
- I do, sire. I will take all precautions, - said the Ley Guardian and quietly shifted out, allowing his master to resume his meditation with images of folklore creatures.


The huge red dragon invaded the top floor of the Wyrmrest Temple like a firestorm, taking on his human form and landing on the ground right before his Queen.
- Your Majesty, I must go!
Alexstrasza looked at her High Commander with resolve and a shade of pity.
- Lord Afrasastrasz, I think we have discussed this matter already...
- Your Majesty, but I must go! My brother is there too! I have very little time before they are finished!
- Commander, you knew how this would end. This sacrifice has been made a long time ago. You are just wasting your hope trying to undo it.
- But why?! - he shouted through his teeth, - why must she be sacrificed?! Why like this?!
- Because we are devoid of choice.
- And what makes us lack that choice?! - small particles of fiery magic started to circle around Afrasastrasz’s fists, probably even unbeknownst to him, - didn’t we do the same to Tyranastrasz and the others back then?! I still don’t know why we didn’t have a choice! Why?!
Korialstrasz took a step forward but was stopped by his Queen that started advancing herself.
- Afrasastrasz! - she shouted in a voice that only a dragon Queen could possess, a voice that resonated across the temple and swiftly reminded everyone of her status, making even the High Commander step back and kneel, feeling terribly ashamed.
- Forgive me... - he whispered.
- Tell me, Commander, - said the Queen, approaching him, - who am I?
- You are the Queen of the Red Dragonflight, - said Afrasastrasz, lowering his head.
- Who else am I?
- You are the most powerful of the Dragon Aspects, and the only one even capable to wield power...
- And what does power mean, Commander?
- It means... Responsibility... For all those who follow your power.
- And what does responsibility do?
- It leaves you devoid of choice, - concluded Afasastrasz, answering his own question.
The Queen turned away from him and approached the edge of the platform, feeling respectful sights of the ambassadors.
- You may go now, Commander, - she said, - your woe and your broken heart can serve you very well. Make use of them. I know your wisdom will show you the right way in these dark times.
- Yes, my Queen, - said Afrasastrasz, and murmured a teleportation spell that made him disappear.
Korialstrasz approached his beloved lady and stood by her side. Below them to the north-west was the Ruby Dragonshrine, ravaged by the Scourge and battled for by the heroes of the mortal races.
- I thought you aren’t decided on this matter yet, - said Korialstrasz.
- I’m the acting Queen of all Dragonflights, - she said, - I used to make decisions much harder and harsher than sacrificing a single doomed dragon when a sacrifice is due.
Her Prime Consort said nothing, only smiled. This cold official mask suited her most of the time.
She took a step towards him and placed her head on his shoulder.
- Tell me, - she whispered, - do you too think I’m so heartless and terrible when I so carelessly throw away lives of my people?
- No, - he said, embracing her, - I just think you’re a great Queen, no matter how heartless and terrible a fate of every ruler is.

Two Bosses Enter: Anub'Arak vs. Loken {WoW}

Oct 30th 2009 4:48AM Thanks =)