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Breakfast Topic: The reason for the seasonal achievements {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 8:27AM I've been playing for a bit over 5 years, and I'll continue to play when Cat comes out. But I have decided to do it differently this time.

This time around, I am going to do everything that I can to AVOID raiding and dungeons for at least a year. I'm going to spend that year doing mostly the Long, Strange, Trip on alts and levelling to 85 through questing/harvesting/crafting (whatever). Outside of Sinister Calling and Hard Knocks, and a few of the "find this class/race combo" achievements... the LST is fairly fun to achieve.

It's grown pointless (to me at least) to work HARD for gear that I will just be replacing in a month or so. Which is the way it's always been of course... but I have grown tired of that cycle and want soemthing new.

At least with Long, Strange, Trip I get something that lasts and saves me some gold (310% flying).

Encrypted Text: Why good rogues take bad talents {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2010 8:36AM I think that if Bliz is smart, they will severely limit ALL offensive talents in all offensive trees to about 24 to 27 points. That way, we "as players" can actually find room in our specs for the fluff talents that will actually make us different.

Let's face it, for DPS there is (and never has been) a real "choice". Even if you made EVERY point in the tree an offensive ability, this would not change. In the end the best specs are found then everyone copies them... that is not a "choice".

Patch 3.3.5: Servers coming online {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2010 9:15PM " Enjoy your fail " isn't even a sentence.

In fact it "fails" at being one.

Wrath Retrospective: Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader, part one {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 8:23AM You know... the funny thing is that, as I rememeber it, Ulduar was met with hatred by players when it 1st hit. I rememeber no end of moaning about how it did not fit the LK theme and how the mechanical fights were stupid and on and on. The boards were clogged with "what is this crap?" nerd rage at the time it debuted.

It's funny now, how it seems to be the most loved by raiders... and I have no idea how that changed.

Breakfast Topic: Are boss mods cheating? {WoW}

May 16th 2010 7:37PM Using mods are "legal" cheats... but cheats nonetheless.

When you take an "open-book" test, it's leagal to do so... but it rather defeats the purpose of the test of knowledge and make it more of a test of research skills. In effect, it completely changes what you are doing. It works the same with WoW, the measure of your Mod strength eventually overtakes your own skill.

I know that MANY improvements to the basic UI have come from mods. To clarify what I meant by "Bliz should supply it", I mean it in simple terms. Have you ever bought a printer (or any other peripreal device) and had to throw down another 30$ on a cord (or case or whatever)? I'm not a big fan of that either.

I'm just saying that if the game is so complex that it NEEDS a certain addon... then Bliz should make the addon for us.

Scattered Shots: Hunter pets in Cataclysm {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 9:26AM When I first read the hunter changes, I rememeber thinking "Does this mean that ALL pets will be identical other than the debufs?"

By that I mean, ALL pets... where cunning, tenacity, and ferocity are based more on your pet talent spec and has nothing to do with anything else. Picture such things as tanking raptors and rabid-mouth-foaming turtles of terror as a dps choice.

Honestly, I would prefer this. It seems a bit strange at first, but so does returning from the dead after 30 seconds of staring at an angel or having ghoul run alongside you as a fighting buddy. In other words, I think there is room for it.

Breakfast Topic: Are boss mods cheating? {WoW}

Apr 5th 2010 8:11AM I have pretty much always considered them a cheat BUT every raiding guild that I know of requires them, so what are you gonna do?

I am not a big fan of mods in general. I run ONLY what my guild requires (DBM, a loot mod, a group calendar mod) and I am one of those that also insists on using the default UI.

It's always been my contention that if something is needed to play the game, then Bliz sould supply it.

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 9th 2010 9:19AM The awesome thing about the "ALL MORTALS WILL PERISH" line is that, well... it's technically true.

It's kind of the definition of being mortal.

Breakfast Topic: What won't you do? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 8:26AM I am with you on the Stanley thing. I have 5 Horde toons that have collectively done over 10,000 quests, one of which is about 100 quests from Loremaster. But I can't bring myself to poison Stanley.

Although I have killed a fair share of critters with various AE powers, I have only killed one critter intentionally over 4 years of play. I may eventually kill a few others for the Pest Control achievement, but I'm in no hurry to do so.

I will likely never Arena since I prefer the chaos of PUG battlegrounds.

I am also "spec stubborn"... once I decide on a talent tree to spec into for a toon, I almost never abandon that tree (for good or bad). All but one of my toons is using a talent tree that I picked for it years ago.

An opportunity to change Retribution {WoW}

Apr 29th 2009 12:43PM "@ Pope and Heilig. Sorry, but this just isn't true. "

Boy is that statement on the money. Ever try a feral Druid? Mangle feeds abilities like Rip and Shred... a glyphed Shred can extend Rip... the relatively new finishing move (forget the name) enhances them all... but you need to keep Rip (the other big finishing move) up as much as possible.

All of them have durations that need to link up for maximum effect.

Then you need to keep movement in mind. Shred requires being behind the target (which you should be anyway) but high movement fights add a special thrill to that.

Warlocks, Shaman, Warriors, and sometimes even Hunters go through very similar "if this-then that" rotations and talent selections. While Paladins are pretty much dictated by cooldowns only.

I will admit, several years ago Pallys were a bit more complex... which is partly why so few were any good back then. But they have been gloriously oversimplified.